NewsReel 3/10/13: If I Were Barack Obama....

[ Masterweb Reports: Poem by Dr. James C. Agazie ] - IF I WERE BARACK OBAMA….


No more lectures, no more sermons on mountaintop
Away with White House diners, Flood Time is over: Fire Next Time
What will the Republicans do when Immigration Act comes along?
They ain’t seen nothing yet, nothing to take their breath away
 Nothing to pull the rug  from under stubborn, slippery  feet
 I’d keep the heat under the copper-bottomed kettle
I’ll let the Republicans seethe as a boiling pot of African herbs
Placed  squarely between the malarial patients’ legs
Alas, they hiss as serpents in Eden Garden baffling a woman
And they scamper like headless chicks at the butchery
They’ve been dancing: “Defund Obamacare, starve it, obliterate it”
They’ve balanced budgets on backs of longsuffering, overtaxed people
Their pray that the Affordable Healthcare Act will come to naught
And want to trump over Oval Room and some Nine Old Judges
They jeer: “We’re the Cruz-Gingrich-Boehner (the Crusty Ginger Bread)”
Anarchy is what they specialize in, shutting the damn thing down
They send the uninsured to early graves and lay off unpaid millions
They get fat paychecks while millions have empty gnawing stomachs
They let the chips fall where they may, and you think they care?
They want us to smell our nyash, be furious, irate, and teed off
They consider us mindless hollering bastards who should “eat cake”
Hear them brag: “You can’t touch us Cruz-Gingrich-Boehler
We’re the Crusty Ginger Bread, the mighty Republican Elephants”

By Dr. James C., 678-886-1613



*Photo Caption - As seen.  

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