NewsReel 5/10/13: Tukur, PDP Chairman, Reiterates There Is No Faction In PDP Nigeria; Molokwu, PDP-USA Chairman, States Nashville Election Stays.

 [ Masterweb Reports: PDP-USA Chairman reports ] –  The Chairman of PDP Nigeria Hon. Dr. Bamanga Tukur has stated that there will be no faction in PDP either in Nigeria or the United States of America.


Dr. Bamanga Tukur made the declaration last week during a meeting he held with the current PDP USA Chairman Dr. Harold Molokwu (picture above) in Washington DC.


Dr. Tukur enjoined all PDP members to join forces with the current executive to move PDP USA forward stating that the current impasse will be resolved quickly to enable the party play its role in the 2015 election.


In his response, the PDP-USA Chairman Dr. Molokwu thanked the chairman and assured him of the total support of the current executive for his leadership, and warned Dr. Tukur of members who were using the name of the chairman to swindle innocent members of their money.  As Dr. Molokwu reiterated to our National chairman, THERE IS NO FACTION IN PDP-USA. An election was conducted with a mandate from the headquarters and the election stays. We appeal to Dr. Tukur to call on all members to join us in rebuilding the image of PDP USA which has been in a coma for over 10 years.


In a similar vein, the members and executive of PDP-USA hereby congratulate the new Secretary of PDP NIGERIA Prof. Adewale Oladipo. The entire PDP USA led by Hon. Dr Harold Molokwu hereby wish him a fruitful  and long stay as the secretary of the most populous party in Africa. We also use this medium to advise innocent members of PDP-USA to be wary of elements parading themselves as factions of PDP-USA.


We also use this medium to bid farewell to the Interim secretary Dr. Charles Akitoye whose tenure ended few days ago. We enjoyed working with him.  We pray that our great party will move forward with the new leadership. We will continue to support and work with the new national executives of our party in Abuja, Nigeria.


Once again we congratulate Prof. Oladipo for his new position and pledge our unwavering support to work with him and members of the PDP Nigeria executive to move our great party forward.


We thank PDpians for their understanding and support for our able leader His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s transformation agendas, while appealing for continued prayers for the restoration of peace in Nigeria as there can be no progress in an atmosphere of chaos. The fact remains that we are not only committed to restore peace to our great party, but resolute about it. We enjoin our teeming supporters to be steadfast in their support for our party struggle to enthrone genuine democracy devoid of abuse of the rule of law.


On our part, we as leaders are committed to ensuring that our leader His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s current struggle for the rule of law does not end as an exercise in futility but would achieve the set objectives of restoring our party to the path of honor and greatness both in Nigeria and the USA.


Hon Dr. Harold Molokwu

PDP-USA Chairman


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