NewsReel 16/10/13 - Adams Oshiomole: The Eclipsing of A Comrade

[ Masterweb Reports: Chris Onyishi reports ] –Talk is cheap, people say. Answering a comrade is even cheaper. What is difficult is performing like a comrade. When I was in the University, I used to think that what separated me from unimaginable wealth is the graduation date. When I move about these days, I still see young lads in their Youth Corps uniform feeling the same way I felt some 30 years ago. Little do they know that they are gradually inching into some cliff.
When comrade Adams Oshiomole was talking tough and twisting government’s arms in the yore years when he held sway as the NLC chief, little did he know that arm twisting is cheaper than arm bending. I am not particularly an ardent follower of what goes on in the Ancient Kingdom of Benin City to be able to assess how well the one time sweet talker, Comrade is fairing in the land but there is this saying that you must not dive into a glowing fire to know that you can get scotched.
There is this wild cat in my area that is noted for causing chicken to howl from their roost at night. The story is that before this species of cat imbibed this habit, it climbed down from the tree on one occasion and as it made its way through a dark alley, it stumbled on droppings from a chick.
The cat then robbed off the chick droppings and tasted it. The cat then said to itself, if this is this sweet, only, God knows how sweet the chick that dropped it will taste. So this is how the wild cat used the taste to imagine what the chick itself will taste like.
If what goes on at the backyard of Comrade Oshiomole is, by any stretch of imagination, what obtains inside of the Benin City, then, one does not have to go into Benin to understand how our ebullient but diminutive comrade is fairing in the land.
That the Benin bypass has become a harrowing experience to travelers who crisscross to and from Lagos axis is only a euphemism. For most of us who ply this bypass for lack of air fare or for avoidance of the regular droppings – from the skies – of our flying birds, of recent, it is like a little cricket between the Red Sea and the Red Dragon.
When you are coming from the Eastern part into the bypass you suddenly see a group of husky looking young men who would emerge from the bush adorning one yellow overcoat. They claim to be working for the Comrade. They then brandish ID cards and ask you to wind down. Before you come out of the shock, they are already inside your car demanding one form of radio license or the other and the fine ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 Naira.
Just about when you are through with them, one way or the other, you get midway into the bypass and now you see another group of 10 gangsters. This time you realize you are into a deep bull sheet. This group would be clutching cutlasses and short guns with some having painted faces with white substance. They are real armed robbers. Whereas the initial group disguised that they were government agents, the latter does not put in doubt as to the fact that they are real armed robbers.
If this does not portray what goes on inside Benin City, then it would appear that Oshiomole is using these groups of political togs turned armed robbers to terrorize people who use the bypass to move from South West to the South East and reverse. For crying out loud, why should anybody be made to pay radio license because he is passing through Edo State to his destination. The bypass was actually introduced after people complained of series of harassment from some individuals who would accost you with a motor cycle as you pass through the Benin town in those days to your destination.
It would appear that the notion is, follow the bypass and we will get you there in a more damning form. The bypass is not too long that Comrade Oshiomole, as the Chief Security Officer of the state, cannot cause security agents to patrol the length of it.
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*Photo Caption – Governor Adams Oshiomole
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