NewsReel 13/10/13 - Ikenna Ezenekwe Using His Father For 419

[ Masterweb Reports: Valentine Obienyem reports ] - The kingpin of blackmail and 419 in Nigeria, Ikenna Ezenekwe will stop at nothing to extort money from people.
In Nigeria today, he is ready to glorify the devil and demonize the Angel if only one can pay him.
You already know his exploits in the world of blackmail and ….
The last Ikenna did was to send text messages to all the Governors in Nigeria about his father’s condition. He said he needed $10,000 dollars for surgery for prostate in the USA. He sent the text to Gov. Obi and myself, begging me to forget the past as he has turned a new leaf and to use my good offices to beg the Governor to intervene and save his father.
The Governor is not known to be generous with money expect when there is genuine need. At that time he will assist anybody, even those you may consider as his “enemies.”. He thus gave me the money to pay into Ikenna’s account. After many months, we have not heard from Ikenna on how the surgery went.
Surprisingly, during the last Governors’ Forum meeting at Abuja, while waiting for our respective bosses, the CPS and media Assistants where outside discussing issues and challenges affecting our jobs. One CPS from one Northern State raised the issue about Ikenna and how he has been harassing them in the name of journalism. It was only then that we discovered that he requested the $10,000 for his father’s prostrate operation from many Governors. Out of about 11 of us discussing, 8 were aware that he sent that request to their bosses.
This is Ikenna Ezenekwe for you.
Valentine Obienyem
*Photo Caption – 419 Symbol
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