Sokoto Asare water project is now a reality

[ Masterweb Reports ] - By means of water we give life to everything” Qur’an, 21:30. This quote from one of the world’s most popular books alone clearly spells out the importance of water mankind. Provision of potable and clean water to the people should be a top priority issue to every responsible government. At its inception the present administration in sokoto state met a water system capable of pumping only 9 million litres of water to the state and its environs per day. This prompted it to embark on the Asare water project which will provide 20 million gallons within sokoto metropolis on a daily basis. The Asare water project linked 40 boreholes drilled at the Asare valley, to 3 water tanks located at the top of Arkilla hills, a distance of about 10 kilometres. This water station is equipped with modern water pumping and treatment machines capable of........ Read More.






*Photo Caption - A biwater Tower Site in Sokoto State

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