BreakingNews 8/11/13 - Eye Witness Account of Murder of Nigerian in India & Racist Clampdown

[ Masterweb Reports: Philip Probity reports ] - 30th October, 2013, was a black night in the life of Mr. Obodo Simeon Uzoma  as he was assaulted, murdered , dehumanized , brutalized, killed in around 7-8pm by well-armed Indians numbering about five (5). An eye witness account and a friend/passenger on the same motor bike Mr. Paul has it that “They were going home from a restaurant where they went for lunch and on the way, lost control with several beaten with iron-like bars from identifiable Indians as he ran for his dear life with high degree of west injury inflicted on him, they rushed the late Uzoma and killed him as you can see in the picture.” He managed to call and narrated the unfortunate incident as he is wallowing in pains to some Nigerians in Goa, India.
Some Nigerians put up a brave move to seek for the lost brother/compatriot after the night of trauma, panic, fear, anguish, tracing the route after day-brake on the 31st October, 2013. Low and behold lays the disturbing, ill-treated, dehumanizing, brutalized, butchered body of Mr. Obodo Simeon Uzoma. At that same morning, trying to call the late close relatives and community heads, the Indian Police put up a fire bridged approach of removing the body which was resisted by some Nigerians while call was put up to his blood and elder brother in Delhi.
It looks as a calculated attempt as Police could not: (1) Arrest those behind the act. (2) Police failed to evacuate the body from 8pm 30th October till 9.18 am 31st October, 2013. (3) Various landlords did asked their Nigerian tenants to vacate according to them it was an instruction from above. (4) Locals took laws into their hands to forcefully eject Nigerians wherever they are or face the next action yet to be made known to them. About 53 Nigerians were arranged before the court and are in jail for protesting against the death of their compatriot. Similar incidents have happened to Nigerians in various parts of India like the killing of a Nigerian in Noida, Uttam Nagar, Mumbai, and Delhi by both Police and locals while nothing seems to be happening.
It was reported to Nigeria High Commission, New Delhi and after the representative of His Excellency to Goa, various India Medias have carried and debated different version of the story.
Philip Probity, Co-Founder, EduMED Global (EMG) reports from India. He can be reached by phone at +91-9811332891 and by email at 

*Photo Caption -
Obodo Simeon Uzoma  lifeless body.
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