NewsReel 4/11/13 - Nigeria: Why conference now?

[ Masterweb Reports ] –This is paper presentation to Senator Okurounmu National conference advisory committee by comrade Akanni Iromini, the Founder (ANM) on 3-11-2013 at NIA Victoria Island.
Nigeria: Why conference now? By Akanni Iromini
Though conference at all levels; from family setting up to the world at large is very vital to harmonious and peaceful co-existence. At this point of Nigeria's existence, what we need is good governance not national conference, because all the problems that is making people to call for national conference is fallout of bad leadership of many years at all levels of governments since 1966-till date, by both the military, civil servants, elected and appointed leaders and their collaborators outside the government who are from all linguistic groups that form Nigeria and whose number is not up to 10% of. Nigeria's population.
Apart from that, it is morally and democratically wrong for less than 10% of people that is accused of corrupt and bad leadership over the years to be the same set of people that will propose a national conference, the outcome of which is to be forwarded to National assembly, another corrupt arm of government for vetting, such exercise will likely end in futility. 
Another fear is that the conference might whip up sentiments that could cause disaffection and unforeseen crises among the over 90% of ordinary Nigerians who are fairly united today across most parts of the country and who has been at the receiving end of negative impacts of bad leadership since 1966.
Instead we suggest the proposed conference for all the stakeholders (who are still in good health) of all the governments since 1966 till date . The military, the civil servants, the elected and appointed leaders including all their collaborators outside the governments to converge at a conference where all the decisions and actions taken by all the past and present governments will be revisited and re-examined and all the past actions discovered to be wrong and reversible will be reversed in the efforts to move our country forward.   
Another major alternative to the proposed National conference that we believe will surely make our country great, beautiful and prosperous is Awake Nigeria Movement's (ANM) concept that will stop money bags politics which is ruining our country and replace it with collective sponsorship of candidate to positions of authority, because the system in place today is making our leaders/politicians spend too much money especially during elections. It is making them corrupt due to their indebtedness to too many people. Financially and morally. Under this system, they can never deliver the expected dividends of democracy to Nigerians.
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