NewsReel 16/11/13 - Indian Writes Masterweb On The Murder of Nigerian in Goa, India

[ Masterweb Reports: Indian writes on murder of a Nigerian ] – The submission of an Indian identifying himself as Gopal Kamat to Masterweb News Desk on the murder of Obodo Simeon Uzoma,  a Nigerian resident in Goa, India on October 30 last month is published unedited below.
“Dear Sir; Please accept my heartfelt condolences for Mr Uzoma's death.. As a Nigerian footballer living in india Mr Ranti Martins said Indians have not had an exposure to foreigners and they are learning to become more accepting.. undoubtedly this process will improve in the future.. as a very diverse country india is modernising and learning to shed prejudice (india itself has people of all shades of complexions including perhaps several hundred million people who are very dark and have a skin tone similar to Africans, also millions who are mongoloid and Caucasian looking people - its quite a mix and hotchpotch) .. but culturally there has been isolation (and attack from islamists / Christians through history - which created further xenophobia) which is changing in the modern world..
“As for Nigerians in goa police found only 1 of 53 with valid passport and travel visas.. so there is a visible number in the underworld and drug trade there leading to some frustration from the local public.. also of about 300 arrests in india for drug smuggling there were about 60 Nigerians - so please don't see this as a racist problem - this is not so much a reaction to Africans in general as to a section of Nigerians who happen to be involved in drugs in goa for whatever reasons..
“I still think a mature population should never generalise and take every individual on a case by case basis.. also the indian police are to blame as well for tolerating drug trade (partly through incompetence, and corruption) and then you wake up one day and blame  a Nigerian group.
“Still let me assure you if you see indian media the reaction has BEEN OVERWHELMINGLY ANTI RACIST and lots of people including me are UPSET and embarrassed by this .. honestly it is very very sad to a foreigner, a guest meeting such a death and I condemn it
An investigation will get to the bottom of this and the guilty will be punished .. the Chief Minister of Goa Mr Parrikar is an honest politician, a highly educated person, a good man, and he will I am sure do justice..”
Best wishes
Gopal Kamat
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*Photo Caption - Obodo Simeon Uzoma lifeless body.

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