NewsReel 12/11/13 - We Are Waiting (Open Letter To MTN Nigeria)

[ Masterweb Reports: Adebiyi Oluwasina Peters reports ] – I used to hear something like 'MTN . . . . . . . Everywhere you go', and I believed it. But alas, it's just flattery upon fallacy! A well roasted and sugar coated deceit which I discovered when I found myself in a place in Kwara state where MTN network is a myth. The more I struggle to affirm the above statement, the more mythical it gets. Then I realized, it's 'MTN . . . . . . Anywhere you find it'.

I requested for the extension of this telecommunication network to a district called Ejidongari in Moro LGA; but MTN Nigeria has been hiding under the pretense that they don't know the place, like it's not humans that lives there. Well I marveled and asked, where is your service to humanity when you can't help rural dwellers who need you the most, probably because you know they won't yield much profit.

Anyway you are right, they won't yield much but where is your sanity, your compassion for your fellow humans who are stucked in one uncommunicable God-knows-how-far place? You should know you can't reach every student with your scholarship, not all artiste will win project fame and how many million Nigerians have played your 'who wants to be a whatever' game, but you can reach and satisfy everybody with readily available and quality network services which in all intent isn't free. So I beseech thee O' compatriots in MTN telecommunications, remember this rural dwellers and help them hear and feel the world as fast as you can.

God bless Nigeria and I hope very soon everybody can say the same to you.

Adebiyi Oluwasina Peters
08060136133 (no network)
08089481788 (very limited network)

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