NewsReel 19/11/13 - Nigeria Must Reciprocate 'Racism' To India

[ Masterweb Reports: Chucks Chris reports ] - In international relations there is no permanent friendship but permanent interest. The Nigerian government should also reciprocate by forcefully evicting, arresting, harassing those hundreds of Indians living illegally in Nigeria.
    Mind you many of the Nigerians living illegally in Goa and other cities are not doing so by choice but as a result of the continued refusal to extend their visa by the Indian authorities.
 Whereas their business\working visas are constantly extended in Nigeria. The Nigerian authorities gives 2 to 3 years visas to Indians while India only gives 3 to 6 months visas to Nigerians. Those making much noises does not really know how much Indians in Nigeria are praying for these issue to be resolved diplomatically. Nigerian government grants citizenship to some Indians. India does n.t.There are more than 20,000 Indians in Lagos state alone.
    Even if the Goa government want to start a crack down on illegals it should not have been when a Nigerian was murdered and the Nigerians who were angered by the so many other killings of Nigerians in Mumbai, Noida, Chenai, New Delhi without the intervention of the police, were protesting and preventing the policenig_who they suspect will hide evidencefrom taking the dead body away.
   Believe me if theynig_Nigerianshad not protested nothing would have been heard about the gruesome murder. An Hausa man popularly called Alhaji was murdered in Mira road area 2 years ago by Indian guys and his body was dumped at a railway station. Cctv captured the image of the guys who dumped the body there but the police refused to provide the image for investigation.
    Another guy from Anam in Anambra state was killed earlier this year at a place called Diva by some Indian youths and nothing happened. Why is our government extending their visas when they don't extend ours?.
    There are so many Indians living illegally in different parts of the world. They are not treated the way Indians treat black Africans. Many Indians believe that every black African is a Nigerian. According to the information available to me the Nigerian whom they killed was just 6 months old in India. My question now is does it take just 6 months to become a drug lord as Indians are claiming? Why are they covering up the truth by involving drug in the murder?.If their citizens are killed frequently in Nigeria by Nigerians will they be happy?.
    Why did the Goa police fail to protect other Nigerians in Goa?.Why were they watching like spectators when a Nigerian was been attacked by Indian local with different objects.Why was there nobody from the crowd who tried to object to such attack?.Something is definitely wrong somewhere. If the Nigerian television stations should air such brutal attack by Indians against a Nigerian hell will loose,believe me.I nearly cried my eyes out when I watched the attack on internet.
     The government officials should not be careless with their statements both Indian and their Nigerian counterparts. The both government should quell the issue diplomatically and amicably.If they want to exchange illegal migrants then no problem.1000 each from both countries. Funny, isn't it?
Chucks Chris ( ).
*Photo Caption - Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh inspecting Guard of Honour at a Ceremonial Reception in Abuja, Nigeria on October 15, 2007 during his state visit.

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