BreakingNews 28/11/13 - Benji Uba Spanks Ngige, says he should be held responsible

 [ Masterweb Reports: Emmanuel Obe reports ] – In reaction to the allegation of electoral impropriety in the inconclusive Anambra governorship election levelled by All Progrssives Congress against the ruling party in Anambra State, All Progressives Grand Alliance,  a chieftain of APGA, Mr. Beji Uba,  describes the election as the best ever in Nigeria. He spoke withEmmanuel Obe in this interview.

Q. What is your impression about the November 16 Governorship election?
A.    The November 16th election was the best election that Nigeria has witnessed. I say this not because it did not have its own problems, but because, for the first time, nobody was able to rig the election. Those who planned to rig where utterly disappointment because of tight security. I think some of them, especially Dr. Chris Ngige of the APC are making statements out of frustration for not having the opportunity to unleash their rigging machines as they planned. May be it was a Freudian slip for Dr. Chris Ngige to complain about the so many security agencies that came into the State, simply because all that they planned were thwarted. Tell me when having adequate security has become a problem?
While I say this, may I remind you that shortly before the elction, Ngige was shouting of fake police and NYSC uniforms being sewed, those that knew him rightly predicted that for him to be shouting that meant that was what he was planning to do. Now, all the people caught during the election, including 181 persons from Osun State arrested in Imo State with fake ballot boxes, police and NYSC uniforms were all members of the APC.
Going by events that transpired before the election, Dr. Chris Ngige should by now helping security people in their investigations. It appears he knows so much
Still on my impression about the election, I can say that in terms of deployment of materials for the election and the conduct of INEC officials, I think there was a marked improvement to what it used to be.
Though a few disgruntled elements led by the bad loser, Dr. Chris Ngige are crying and rolling on the ground, distinguished Anambrarians, the Chairman of   ASATU, Dr. Innocent Onwubuya; Chairman of Ohaneze, Elder Chris Elumuno; Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife; Igwe Gibson Nwosu, among others who were active participants at the election have upheld its fairness.
Has it occurred to you that only APC members are against the election? Suddenly Ngige who called Ifeanyi Uba a criminal debtor and Tony Nwoye a cultist during electioneering galvanized them into protest as their spokesperson. If the same rapidity with which he united them for a common purpose is employed to unite Igbos in the National Assembly to work for Igbos, he would not have been counted among Senators that did not propose a single bill since he went to the Senate.
All in all, the election was the freest ever conducted. Security measures taken made rigging somewhat difficult. INEC also introduced some security measures that has made it difficult for people to rig.

Q. INEC has declared it inconclusive. Do you think it is justified?
A.    What other justification are you looking for, when they have followed what the electoral law says? It is inconclusive but valid. Rather than disobey the law and offer enemies of democracy a reason to go to Court, it is infinitely better to have a supplementary election. We support it and will participate fully.
Those who know Ngige will tell you that he is only building a case to justify his failure. By saying he is boycotting the election, he is creating the room to claim that he would have won if he did not boycott. The man is a terrible person.

Q. Your party is leading in the so far received results. Do you think APGA can maintain the lead and eventually win?
A.    APGA as predicted is leading comfortably. Nothing will stop APGA as far as Anambra State is concerned. The people of the State see APGA as their own identity. What else do you want them to do? Join APC? This is not possible since our needs from the country are antipodal to their own. The other day, Igbos were celebrating the possibility of a National Dialogue, only for the leader of the APC to say that it was not necessary. How they we represent their position and what our people want?
If Igbos voted the other way, it all means they have lost their sanity and are no longer worthy to be called the illustrious sons of their progeny. Why do I say so? No sane man can vote for a party that deported their people. The other day, Hon. Tony Muonago, speaking for APC kicked against the change of the name of Anambra State University to Chukwuemeka Odumwgwu-Ojukwu University. Is this the type of party that dream of winning in Anambra State?

Q. INEC Chairman did say the election was messed up in Idemili North Local Government Area. Do you agree with him?
A.    Prof. Attahiru Jega is a man without cant; he is one Nigerian that has not been compromised. Those of us on the ground know that the election was heavily messed up in Idemili North, but it is just one among 21 Local Government Areas and cannot be said that the messing up of the election there was substantial to call for the cancellation of the entire exercise.
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