NewsReel 29/11/13 - How Do We Educate Nothern Nigeria

 [ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] – We remember when Igbos ran massive educational programs in the then Benue-Plateau  State, There were Igbo camps with primary schools at Igumale, Utonkon, Oturpko, up the reaches of Ghoko and the mountains of Zaria, Kano, and the Muslim-dominated wastelands. Igbos came up with the CMS (Church Missionary Society) and the MC ( Methodist Church) to Christianize  the people and rescue children and adults from the thralldom of ignorance and superstition. Church groups like the Sudan United Mission (SUM) and the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) ran excellent secondary schools and Teacher-training colleges. These efforts were responsible for providing the North with its early crops of teachers, doctors, and several of the University Vice Chancellors. We salute Igbo teachers, pastors, catechists, headmasters, and early pioneers without whose selfless sacrifices Northern Nigeria would be in an extremely worse shape than it is today.  
Is the attempt to educate Northern Nigerian children an orchestrated subterfuge (trick, ploy, or ruse) to grab our oil money and make it be “gone with the wind?”  Did Ahmadu Bello, Sir Alhaji Abubakar Tafewa Balewa, and gworo-eating emirs care for their kids? No, they were fooling their people and impressing the public (sidetracked and blinded by religion) with how they could trace their historical roots to the Seventeenth Century Fulani religious leaders or ancient caravan traders and marauders on camelbacks in the Arabian Desert.  Weren’t they diverting funds to Britain in exchange for the right to rule Nigeria forever? How much of our money was keeping Buckingham Palace wealthy as the center of the British empire? Truth will be spoken, and we don’t care about whose horse is gored. Time was when the Fulani-Hausa-Kanuri jealousy of Igbos became so overwhelming, the Muslims came up with the infamous Northernization Policy that denied education to generations of Igbo children and other Southerners. Now you want me to forgive and pretend that Igbo children weren’t abused in Northern Nigeria in the 60’s, 70, 80’s, and 90’s?  And pretend that the Northern children were not being cheated in the process? It was a case of defecating or emptying one’s bowels in the bedchamber.
Now, the North is engulfed , overwhelmed, swallowed up, and surrounded by anarchy.  No meaningful schooling goes on, and under Sharia law, Muslm morality police are providing the only available education consisting of ensuring there is the covering of women’s head and legs with black veils. Those who dare to protest are flogged, beheaded, or buried alive. The results are mass ignorance, exploitation of teenage girls and poverty-stricken boys by the mullah. Didn’t they shoot the 16-year-old Pakistani  teenager named Malaa in the head for advocating the education of women? There is abject poverty and crass religious indoctrination of the most pronounced proportion that rob Northern children of the use of the minds. This writer is deeply concerned about the 14-year-old boy who hadn’t gone beyond Primary 4 at Abuja. Where there is no education, there is poverty just as there is darkness in the absence of light.
Noting that poverty in Northern Nigeria is 3 times greater than it is in the Lagos area, former American President Bill Clinton, suggests that we should alleviate extreme poverty in the North through education to halt the wave of bombings, shootings, and kidnappings by Islamic extremists. We agree. While we wholeheartedly support the former popular President’s position, may we be allowed to ask one question: ISN’T THIS EASIER SAID THAN DONE? What happened to the trillions of Naira sunk into bottomless abyss that was Northern education for nearly 50 years? Did the Hausa-Fulani kids go to school? No, they were very busy following cows around the country and reciting undigested Koran and Arabic phrases. Are we being asked to consider sinking further trillions of Naira in some arid, sacrosanct desert reserved for descendants of Usman Dan Fodio and princes of erstwhile prophet? What have these people done for my people besides the promotion of violent jihads?            Let Northern teachers tell you of their frustrations as they gather a group of Hausa-Fulani kids in a clearing under a tree and attempt to teach them English alphabets  and the number system. The children would disappear into the grasslands when you turn your back or before you begin the lessons. You can’t even count 1-2-3 before the kids vamoose like drops of water on red-hot steel. I’ll be damned if this is not the case.
We swear we are 100% in support of honest efforts to educate learners in Northern Nigeria but their hatred of education (boko haram) is believed to be responsible for their senseless blood-thirsty madness.  But the education will be done under one condition: Islamists must renounce violence immediately. Violent Muslim leaders, including Abubakar Muhammed shekau, should be rounded up and delivered to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. We find it unacceptable to send teachers from Diaspora or southern Nigeria to be butchered like nama (cows)? How do you educate a person who believes in BOKO HARAM = WESTERN EDUCATION IS SIN? What do you teach the children of Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haran, who should have been long dead and gone by now, and who is promising greater bloodshed unless he establishes an Islamic state in Nigeria? I invite you my readers to look around at the so-called Islamic, sharia-law countries around the globe. Is any Islamic nation practicing strict Sharia law worth anything other than trouble? Consider Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Mauritania, Oman, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Gaza? These are violent regimes  or killing fields, haters of progress and oppressors of women
Dr. James C. Agazie ( ).
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