NewsReel 8/12/13 - Tribute To Mandela by Dr. C. K. Ekeke

[ Masterweb Reports: Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela – the great Son of Africa and an iconic leader gone to be with his ancestors ] - With heavy heart and sadness, I join the global community to mourn the passing into glory of Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela as well as celebrate his life, leadership, and legacy. My deepest sympathy goes to Mandela’s family over the death of their beloved father, grand-father, great-grand-father and the beloved human freedom fighter. May you take heart and be strong and know that your beloved father has departed this wicked world to be with his creator. He has departed this evil world and he is now clothed with heavenly garment where there is no more death, pain, sickness, wickedness, and injustice but a place of peace, freedom, joy and righteousness. May the Lord dry your tears and fill you with His peace and joy during this time of grieving, sadness and sorrow. May the Lord in His infinite love and care, grant us peace and give the bereaving world the fortitude to bear this incalculable loss. I cannot conclude this condolence without a tribute to Africa’s greatest son yet. Nelson Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist and defender of human freedom who won an insurmountable battle against apartheid regime and repressive treatment of black people in South Africa. Nelson Mandela with his indomitable courage, strength, wisdom and patience defeated the cruelest apartheid regime of White Afrikaner and dismantled the oppression of blacks of South Africa. Mandela was a true hero, admired, loved and respected around the world for his struggle against apartheid in South Africa and dedication to justice, freedom and peace throughout the world. Nelson Mandela even in death is a legend, a true gem and without doubt, one of the iconic leaders and remarkable political figures of the twentieth century. He is Africa’s illustrious son, a global treasure and the pride of the continent, a true champion for peace, freedom, and democracy. The life of Nelson Mandela was a story of an innocent child born into a racist and diabolical system of apartheid in South Africa, from his carefree days as an ordinary village poor boy, to his unflinching struggle against apartheid, his unflinching leadership of the ANC, the long donkey years of imprisonment and his eventual freedom and extraordinary election to the presidency of South Africa. His life is a testament to the power and strength of the human spirit to transcend evil and satanic government structure of our time. His life, story, and struggle are one of the tapestries of any political tales of the 20th century. African needs more of the likes of Nelson Mandela and prophetic leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. These are rare breed like the biblical Moses that is sometimes heavenly sent. Throughout the history of humanity, such people have made impact by their strength, courage and great leadership. History has recorded the names of such statesmen such as Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, John F. Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Billy Graham, John Wesley, Watchman Nee, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Marcus Garvey, Toussaint Louverture, Martin Luther King Jr., Nkwame Nkrumah and others in gold. The father of the American nation, Abraham Lincoln did not only abolish slave trade through the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, but he was courageous enough to unite a nation and preserved the Union through a policy of reconciliation despite the apposition from his party. The British Prime Minster, Sir Winston Church and his American counterpart, Franklin Roosevelt provided courageous leadership that led to the defeat of German Adolph Hitler. Their decisive leadership helped rebuild Europe and restored the world from economic crisis and world war. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. prophetically and courageously inspired the United States of America and the world to judge people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. He inspired the United States of America and the world with his non-violent civil right activities and the famous "I have a Dream" speech, which electrified the entire nation to rethink of its segregation and enslavement laws. His powerful oratory and courageous leadership freed an entire nation from hate, bigotry and self-destruction and gave millions freedom and hope around the world. The late American president, Ronald Reagan challenged his Russian counterpart, Mikhail Gorbaceov to tear down the walls of Germany otherwise the two countries will meet in the woods. Mrs. Bhutto paid the ultimate sacrifice for her unbridled faith in the democratization of Pakistan and fight against the tyranny of Islamic fundamentalism. During Africa’s struggle for independence, Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah and Nigeria’s Nnamdi Azikiwe and other were courageous enough to demand for independence from their colonial masters. These were men and women of great insight, divine strength and wise leadership. These leaders made significant impact and contributed immensely to world peace and prosperity because of their courageous leadership. They epitomized the true essence of leadership. Madiba Mandela has been compared to the likes of prophetic and religious iconic leaders like MLK Jr., Gandhi and even the biblical Moses. Nelson Mandela was the symbol to end apartheid in South Africa, while Martin Luther King Jr. was the symbol of the civil rights movement in the US, and Gandhi was the symbol of the independence struggle in India. The Canadian Montreal Gazette compared it this way, “The man (Nelson Mandela) is his country’s combined Washington, Lincoln, and Gandhi.” Nelson Mandela was truly a global citizen and iconic leader. He was a true gem, a genuine human being, a global treasure and the pride of Africa—a husband and father to six children and grand-father of twenty-seven children and counting. His indomitable spirit, charisma, compassion, courage remain a source of inspiration for millions of people around the world. May his gentle, sweet, humble soul rest in eternal and perfect peace and may his legacy live forever – Amen. C. Kingston Ekeke, Ph.D. ( ), is a public theologian, author, consultant and leadership scholar. He is the founder and president of Leadership Wisdom Institute, USA. *Photo Caption – As seen.
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