Showbiz News - Hunger for Trybe Records' lyricist, Rukus to Release His Debut Single Not Over

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - "Yum". That's what hip hop fans will be saying because the hunger for Trybe Records' lyricist, Rukus, to release his debut single is not quite over, but on his latest freestyle "One Man Cypher", he's given rap fans and casual listeners a taste of his aggressive delivery and witty lyricism. Raw, unshaven and accompanied by a gritty black and white video to match his gravelly voice and grimy demeanor, Rukus takes his listeners on a rollercoaster ride for almost 3 minutes straight while hurling metaphors and entendres at the camera. While fans anticipate his The Hunger 2 mixtape, Rukus continues to ready his debut album, with singles expected in early 2013.


Rukus made a splash on the scene in 2006 when the hit single “African Queen” received airplay in the U.S., U.K., Nigeria, and Ghana and was chosen as part of a compilation album with proceeds to aid in the fight against poverty.


Trybe Records reports.

*Photo Above - Rukus


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