Nigeria: An Alternative To Chaos ( MNN Bulletin No. 1 )

[ Masterweb Reports ] - As politicians continue their bickering and marauding towards the next electoral round in 2015 and as we approach the 100 years expiration of the Amalgamation Treaty of 1914 by 31st December, 2013, MNN in its grave concern for the next generation, once more, steps into the public space with a series of Bulletins in which we shall be presenting a new comprehensive diagnosis of the ailments of Nigeria, a prescription informed by that diagnosis, and a treatment plan. The Bulletins shall for the first time exhibit freshly excavated revelations from the foundations of Nigeria’s corporate existence (1900 – 1919) together with the poisonous ingredients consciously introduced by Fredrick D Lugard tracing the mutations and trajectories of those debilitating ingredients through to Independence Constitution in 1960 and follow their preservations from the 1966 Military intervention all the way to the 1999 Constitution imposed via Decree 24 of 1999 which we operate to date. In other words MNN in her research has located the mysterious roots of the Nigerian System manifesting in pervasive corruption, reckless impunity, institutionalised mediocrity, perennial political instability, buoyed by violence, insecurity, inept leadership cycles and a whole........ Read More.




*Photo Caption - Map and Flag of Nigeria

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