My Ordeal At Western Union And Bank of America

 [ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - They say Nigerians are fraudulent and they are stealing millions from Nigerians. These are some of the major American businesses, including credit card companies, banks and Western Union. We must boycott and we must protest without fear. Can we find safer ways to send money? This Imo woman is leaving Western Union and taking her money to  “a friend” she says is flying to Nigeria to give to her family. I fear for her and pray she doesn’t lose her money.


I told the clerk at the Western Union I wished  to send  some money  to a friend in Nigeria and  specifically requested that it must be paid in U S dollars because $1 equaled N171 at the “black market”  but only N155 at the Nigerian  bank. Was I wrong to want folks back home  to have more  money? After the Western Union clerk and I had agreed on the transaction thinking I was dealing with an honest  business,   I proceeded to completed the “send money”  form and hand over a sum of money along with the $10.50 service charge.  After the clerk had completed the transaction on the computer and handed me some papers with the information needed to collect the money in Nigeria,  I glanced at the papers and found  to my utter chagrin  that the person I was sending the money to would be paid in Naira.


“Look here, lady, I say USD (Us Dollars), not Naira. What are you doing?” I demanded. She said: “We only send money to Nigeria in Naira the local currency.” I explained that I had been Western Unionizing  dollars for years and my friends had appreciated and expected it  in dollars. I also informed the clerk that the value of the money would be higher if sent in dollars than in naira. I believe  she understood me but chose to ignored my words.


I said: “Look here, lady, I gave you my dollars, and I want it paid in dollars,” She insisted  that sending  the money in Naira was the correct thing to do.

“Why pay in Naira?” I asked the third time. She continued to ignore me.  Could I speak with her boss? The manager came and was firm that the employee was correct  I took my complaint to a higher-up, and some man in New  England  said “That’s the way we do things at Western Union  for a very long time.” That was a blatant lie. I have sent hundreds of dollars to my relatives  in 2013 and haven’t encountered such brazen  fraud. That wasn’t the way it had always been. Some bastard has changed the rule.


I went to the Bank of America to see if I could get a better service. Bank of America was pretending to be working with me until I asked for details. Then, the clerk  let the cat out of the bag by informing me I would pay $45 service fee up front and the Nigerian  recipient would also give $30 in Naira to a Nigerian bank that pays out the money.  That would add to a total of $75 fee.


“Would my friend in Nigeria be paid in dollars?” I asked. “No,”  she said, “it would be in Naira.”


“Look her, lady,  you’re trying to take $75 from me and  trying to give me stupid Naira for the money I am sending. How fair is this?”


“Oh no, you’ll pay only $45 and the other $30 would be paid in Nigeria.”


 Surely, the Bank of America and Western Union are not about fairness, and so are all other American businesses. They are about exploitation, scamming, gaming,  and robbing me  and they think all Nigerians are as dumb as the door nails at Igwebuike Hall.  It’s unfair to pretend you are honest when  you are a thief.  it was unfair to take value and refuse to return value. It’s overreaching, taking advantage, boko haram oppression;  or being a barawo, onye ori, ore, abali di egwu.  One ought to be very wary.


Dr. James C. Agazie ( Email: ).


*Photo Caption – A Western Union location

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