NewsReel 10/1/14: Re-Chuks Akamadu's publication on January 7, 2014 edition of THISDAY newspapers titled 'ORJI'S WAVE OF ENDORSEMENTS'

[ Masterweb Reports: Uche Aguoru reports ] - In as much as much as I do not want to give credence to Akamadu's unintelligent write up which is filled with unsubstantiated rumours and beer parlour hear say, I must not fail to inform the sponsors of this campaign of calumny that no one wins elections in today’s Nigeria through campaign of calumny but rather performance and acceptability by the voting public and this is what Governor T.A Orji has got. The citizens of Abia Central Senatorial zone have seen in Governor Orji (Ochendo Global) a performer par excellence, a man who has excelled where others have failed, a governor who has the interest of the masses at heart, a man who does not discriminate, a ruler with the heart of a lion and the humility of a lamb, a timeless visionary with the interest of Abia and Abians in general. Little wonder the masses of Abia Central Senatorial zone do not want to leave our amiable governor to just go home after 2015 as we know that he still has a lot to offer the people of this zone and the country in general given his wealth of experience both in civil service and as a public servant.
Abia Central Senatorial zone regrettably has not been well represented since the inception of this present democratic dispensation which took effect from May 29, 1999 till date. All those who have represented this zone has gone there to fend for themselves and not the people which reflects the exact opposite of why they were sent there. It's common knowledge that Ochendo has performed much more than all his predecessors put together and that’s why the people of Abia Central Senatorial zone are asking him to go to the Senate and represent them so as to attract what has been due to them since 1999 which they have never been able to get due to the greed and incompetence of those who had been representing them in that senatorial zone.
The Senate requires men of experience and charisma, men whose works and words speaks volumes, men with age of experience who can bring their experience into action when it matters, men who commands respect amongst his mates and above all men whose speeches translate into action and attracts development. These qualities are found in Ochendo and that’s why the people of Abia Central Senatorial zone are calling on him to come and represent them in the hallowed chambers of the Senate.
Let me remind Chuks Akamadu and our senator who has never contributed in all the activities going on in the Senate that Ochendo's achievements in Abia will for a long time remain fresh in the minds of every Abian prior to liberating Abia from the evil grip of Orji Uzor and his family which gave Abians a sense of freedom. Can people like Chuks Akamadu come out boldly to write about issues he knew little or nothing about? The answer is NO, it is common knowledge that most Abia politicians came back to their homes when Ochendo assumed power, in the days of his predecessors anybody who dares speak out against the government is either killed or victimized in such a way that they will run away from the state and never to come back for fear of being killed and those who dare to speak out without running away never lived to tell the story.
Ochendo empowered Abia youths without leaving a burden of debt on them. He is a man who went through life knowing how the average person on the street feels that’s why he established skill acquisition centers across the three geo-political zones of the state and has been empowering the graduates from this skill acquisition centers with money and tools that will establish them for life without asking them to pay back. He gave young Abians vehicles free to be used as taxis to enable them fend for themselves and families and some of them are youths whom before now have been roaming the streets after being used as political thugs by his predecessors.
Ochendo when he assumed office met a state with the worst security situation in the country, where people run away from their luxury homes to sleep in churches. Where people no longer use their expensive cars, dress well or wear expensive jewelries for fear of being recognized and attacked by kidnappers. Where crime and criminality brought commercial activities to a halt, but Ochendo in his God given wisdom returned safety and security to the state and all those who ran away from the state have all returned and are enjoying themselves without fear of being attacked or kidnapped.
Let me also quickly remind Chuks Akamadu and our gum chewing senator who thinks of nothing but how to beautify her face to make her look younger than her age that Abia since its creation never had a secretariat, ministries were operating in rented apartments thereby enriching individuals who are owners of those buildings leaving the state in perpetual debt but today the state can boast of an Ultra modern secretariat. Akamadu I hope those who sent you knew Abia's debt profile before his Excellency Governor T.A. Orji assumed office and how he had been able to manage the state's resources which today has lifted Abia from a debtor state to one of the healthiest states in the federation according to Ministry of Finance rating. I believe the loverboy Akamadu never knew that Abia civil servants whom before never dreamt of owning houses are now proud owners of their own houses in different housing estates scattered all over the state courtesy of Ochendo. Widows are praying for Osinulo on daily basis because she has continually wiped tears off their faces by building houses for them and training their children.
 I want to assume that Chuks Akamadu and his sponsors never knew that Abia was made a pariah state among the committee of states before Ochendo came into power. I also want to believe that your sponsors never knew that Abia State High Courts were having their court sessions in leaking roofs and dilapidated buildings and once the rains came the courts no longer holds and our judicial officers never had a place to stay until Ochendo came and built a world class High Court complex and a befitting judicial quarters. Are you aware that before Governor T.A Orji came in that our pupils were studying under leaking roofs and our health centres were falling apart and never had even a nurse to man them talkless of drugs but today he had built new class rooms and health centres for communities and equipped them with drugs and staff who are on 24-hours duty. He also built school across the three geo-political zones and also refurbished the old and falling ones.
May be Akamadu and his sponsors do not know that a man who built an ultra modern diagnostic and dialysis centres and made sure that the charges were reduced in such a way that even rural farmers and market women can afford to get tested and treated of their ailments that such a man his people will not let him go easily. Maybe Akamadu and our gum chewing senator has not been to Abia General Hospital Amachara to see how Ochendo transformed what was before now described as mere consulting wards where even animals refused to be treated to a word class health facility equipped with modern life saving machines and upgraded to a teaching hospital. I do not want to bother you with the opening of new roads in our rural areas, building of bridges across neighboring communities whom before now cannot have access to each other or is it the courage he exhibited in the building and relocation of the three markets which before now made entrance into the state capital an herculean task. If one begins to recount the achievements of Governor T.A Orji (Ochendo Global) Abians will be tempted to ask him to go for a third term but since our constitution does not permit that that’s why the people of Abia Central Senatorial zone are asking Ochendo to come and represent them in the Senate. I am sure if one man can represent the three senatorial zones, Governor T.A Orji will be asked to take it up for he has touched the lives of Abians more than all his predecessors put together.
Perhaps what the present occupier of Abia Central Senatorial seat has failed to realize is that the people of this senatorial zone are tired of pancake rubbing and gum chewing senator who has never made an impact in their lives but men of action, vision, wisdom, experience and with a mission in their hearts.
My advice to Chuks Akamadu and his sponsors is to go look else where and stop wasting their time and resources running campaign of calumny against a man whom God had already chosen and his people had chosen and endorsed him to represent them in the Senate come 2015.
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