BreakingNews 12/1/2014 - Kenyans dominate in Africa among Top Global Thinkers of 2013

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. C. K. Ekeke reports ] - Lo Spazio della Politica (LSDP) recently published its 2013 list of the top 100 global thinkers. Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, from Argentina, was placed #1 global thinker of 2013 because he reminded the world that the Catholic Church is a global power. Three women, Janet Yellen of U.S., Elvira Nabiullina of Russia and Karnit Flug of Israel were placed second because they showed that the central banker’s club is not “men-only” anymore.
The number one African global thinker and placed fifth globally is Teguest Guerma, an MD from Ethiopia, because of her studies on computational biology, followed by Calestous Juma from Kenya, who is a professor at Harvard Kennedy School. I met Professor Juma at HKS last May and was quite inspired and encouraged by his faith on a new Africa - based on innovation, Science and research.
Other Africans in the LSDP list of 2013 global Thinkers are:
BaBabatude Fashola, Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria for transforming Lagos into an African hub of innovation and for launching the Lagos Innovation Advisory Council. Clarisse Iribagiza, from Rwanda, founder and CEO, HeHe Limited, Rwanda, for her communicative and technological revolution in Africa.  Adefunke Ekine, from Nigeria, Fellow Echidna Global Scholars, Nigeria, for her experience of teaching and directing schools in Africa, in particular, for the promotion of science among young female students. Musimbi Kanyoro, Kenya, Human Rights Activist, for her career defending women’s rights, which brought her to the head of Global Fund for Women. Juliana Rotich, an Entrepreneur from Kenya. For developing "Ushahidi," a platform created to crowdsource and collect crisis information. Mabel Imbuga from Kenya, Vice Chancellor of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, because she is an example for all women of science in Africa for the role of hub of science of the Jomo Kenyatta University. Elsie Kanza, Kenya, head of Africa, World Economic Forum, for her role in emphasizing the contribution of innovative entrepreneurship in the economic transformation of Africa, and Sara Menker, Ethiopia, founder and CEO of Gro Ventures, Ethiopia, because her company is dedicated to providing data which have a more important impact than "big data", the data of commodities for Africa.
Way to go Kenyans, Ethiopians, Nigerians and Rwandans! As I have written many times, the battle for this century is the quest for authentic leaders, thinkers, and innovators. Africa must rise up and compete by taping into the abundant knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom deposited within her. Africans must also learn to collaborate as well as share information and knowledge with each other. 
LSDP is an independent think tank, based in Italy and Brussels founded by young professionals and scholars representing a wide-array of professional backgrounds. The list emphasizes political leaders, business executives, scientists, academics and intellectuals from around the world.
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C. K. Ekeke, Ph.D., is a public theologian, author, consultant and leadership scholar. He is the founder and president of Leadership Wisdom Institute, USA.
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