Nwanne Campo The African Diaspora Woman of The Year Award Winner Speaks From Spain

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The name Nwanne Campo may not ring bell to many Nigerians back home, as a result of migration which not only has robbed Nigeria of brain drain, but at the same time beauty drain. The presence of this dazzling, elegant, ebony black beauty radiates light to her environment. She is like an illuminator wherever she enters with her ever smiling face and fashion. Nwanne Campo’s love and selfless service to humanity, working voluntarily under an N.G.O. that rescued distressed and stranded African immigrants entering Europe through water and desert brought her to spotlight and endeared her to the hearts of many. Especially the many African immigrants she helped to rescue and rehabilitate in Spain. This precious and versatile lady is a rare gift. Nwanne, who came into public glare in Spain and Europe as a philanthropist, model, actress, editor and event planner about 2 years ago, has been dazzling the scene since her appearance. Her stride into event planning is a new innovation and an edge over her contemporaries. Her efficiency in planning and organizing events is second to none. Whatever big event, be it wedding, birth day, pageant, inauguration, or book launch, once she is involved, the celebrant should go and sleep. She will be most useful to Nigeria if........ Read More.


*Photo Caption - Nwanne Campo

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