NewsReel 23/1/2014 - Obinna Kalu And His Bundle of Lies

[ Masterweb Reports: Eddie Onuzuruike reports ] – Our attention has been drawn to a heinous publication of the Sun Newspaper on page 42 of Saturday, 18th January 2014. Though atrocious, it came as no surprise. The Sun has long taken the franchise to insult Chief T.A. Orji and denigrate Abia people at will. It is a procedural relay baton that moves from one columnist to another. From the past, it was the hired pen and grammatically incongruous, Odimegwu Onwumere and the regular columnists like Adesina, Ukeh and others. Now  Obinna Kalu has mounted the saddle,  the question is, who comes next? We know why, as it is said, ‘he who pays the piper dictates the tune,’ and this time, smarting from a previous election misadventure, he wants it shrill and strident.
Possibly being desperate, they may rationalize their hideous intent with the words of Frank Smedley, which states that, ‘all is fair in love and war.’  As stated in previous rejoinders, to Abia, the sun is a rooster jurisdiction of a fiendish court where the cockroach cannot get any bit of justice, even with a battery of lawyers.  What surprised us was that it came from a column titled Legal Forum. One would have expected a just and upright dissertation but it was the complete contrary, with grave intent to harm, demonize the victims and misinform the unsuspecting public.
What bothers us most is that Obinna Kalu shamelessly, presented fallacies as facts from start to finish without blinking an eyelid. In the first paragraph, Obinna claimed that ‘serious public condemnation has trailed the announcement of the proposed project’ referring to the proposed innovative Abia Airport and Seaport. It will be legally fair for Obinna to tell us how and where he garnered his public condemnation. Whether from the newspapers or the radios? I am very sure that Obinna doesn’t live in Abia and did not conduct any opinion poll unless imaginary public rallies and simulated protests which his group holds so dear as a strategy.
In his hurry not to see any good in the present administration of Chief T. A. Orji, he exposed his deep rooted bias and ingrained prejudice. He acknowledged in his writing that the project will be a PPA. He probably meant PPP. His mind is subconsciously rooted in  Progressive People’s Alliance, the PPA, a tottering and fumbling party, an adjunct and collaborator of Sun Newspaper who is still brooding over their loss and slide in Abia politics that came to a halt in 2010. If he really meant PPP, how then will the government use it as a conduit pipe to siphon funds? PPP projects are transparent. From experience, the partners manage and fund the projects.
Going through the maze of his writing, one would notice serious efforts to sell his lies as truth but according to Grosvenor, ‘It is difficult for empty bags to stand erect.’ Facts are sacred and opinion is free.
The Airport and Seaport initiative of Abia present administration is well thought out and like other projects of Ochendo, are meant to raise the indices of growth in Abia as a 21st century participant in world commerce. It is very obvious that Obinna needs some lessons on economics. Abia people, especially in Aba are deeply into commerce which involves travelling, importation, export and stocking of varying goods. An airport and seaport in Abia with other services, will create job opportunities, curtail smuggling, boost the IGR and increase the tourism potentials of Abia. Obinna’s real intent is envy that Ochendo and rather than his sponsors would go down in history as the man who gave Abia air and seaport. That is all!
The proposed seaport at Obuaku is premised at a defunct port of ancient experience, predating the coming of the Whiteman which has a seaway to the Atlantic. This move by Abia government will recreate a navigable route as it is only seven kilometers to the Atlantic Ocean. With a seaport, the fatal occurrences that our people suffer in sailing on critical vessels while going to Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon will be eliminated. Not only that, it will rekindle in the Ukwa people, the lacking cultural water transport, bringing anew an almost forgotten skill of canoeing and boating which are presently Olympian sports of high commercial indices.
The tourism potentials of Abia as stated earlier will be further enhanced with the connection to the Blue River. Most importantly, it will be the only nautical connection of the South-east Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria to the Atlantic Ocean and the whole world. The existing ports at Akiri Ukwu, Ntugbu-Akwete and Obeaku have been intermittently navigable with canoes, speed boats and outboard engines. These crude ports are economically supportive to the people but have from time to time been put into bad use. Goods have been pirated and people robbed.
Crude oil from vandalized pipelines had been smuggled through these creek roots. Some of the most stunning cases of kidnapping  and scintillating escapes have gone through these vagrant waterways and government wants to develop the port and have a multiple harvests including security alertness to the extent of boosting national security against undue inversion. More so, the oil-rich Ukwa land has veritably given Abia a maritime definition and so deserves any developmental project sited there. Is this not unprecedented?
It is so unfortunate that a legal forum column can take on such a high degree of misinformation. Obinna claims that the empowerment vehicles which the whole world is aware are freely given, witnessed by no other than the Governor of the Central Bank, Mallam Sanusi Lamido, are hire purchase vehicles. To make his lies stand, he quoted funny prices of 1.8m and 600,000 Naira respectively. If kalu could go to the extent of publishing falsehood in a newspaper, then I will not hesitate in calling him a liar until he proves his claims.
Presently, over 700 vehicles have been given out, witnessed by journalists and the public. The list of recipients were published in Newspapers and magazines with names and phone numbers, numbers of vehicles, and state of origin added for transparency. Please, I urge readers to verify if kalu’s claims are based on facts. These empowerment initiatives are assuming popular dimensions that Abians at home and abroad are subscribing in true followership.
Our lawmakers at Abuja and Abia, specifically Arua Arunsi, and Hon. Uzo Azubuike have done similar things in their constituencies. Hon Chidiebere Nwoko and Ihieasinmuo, alias onye Keke have cued in with Nwoko giving out 3 vehicles. On Saturday January 11, 2014, a similar act took place in Item where two vehicles and 9 motorcycles were given out. On January 23, 2014, Mazi Dan Okeke, CEO of Express Concerns who had built Courtrooms and other community reliefs in his Ututu community, Arochukwu LGA, from the public sector angle in Port-Harcourt gave four Sienna space wagons to His Excellency to support his empowerment programme. These are verifiable facts.
At the international level, Panama Canal was built to shorten the journey between the Atlantic and Pacific. What stops Ochendo from doing a 7 kilometer dredging to give Abia and South-east a much needed seaway to the Atlantic?
His enumeration of moribund industries in Aba and the accusation that the state was responsible is the mother of all lies. It is a known fact that due to power supply which ebbed since the nineties, many manufacturers migrated to other West African countries, especially  Ghana and it started during the previous administration. These were not caused by Abia State. Most of the establishments he mentioned have either management problems or have changed hands like Bourdex Communications which was taken over by another group. It is on verifiable record that the present administration has done so much to shore up the growth of industries.
The evacuation of power from the 332KVA, Ohiya power plant and the construction of a road to Geometric Power Plant in Aba and support jobs to Aloji Power Plant are evident efforts to make Aba, Power-sufficient. These are few examples. Talking about roads, the present administration of T.A. Orji has constructed more roads than the previous administrations, military and civilians put together. The recent 102 roads done in Abia has Aba taking the lion shares. The security solutions which Obinna’s group previously denied and now acknowledge, have brought more business to Aba than any other place in Abia. The road decay in Aba was not caused in the last seven years of T.A. Orji’s administration. They were there and Ochendo has done quite a lot to alleviate them. All the roads in Aba in particular and Abia in general cannot be finished in one day, it is a continuous process and Ochendo has vowed to leave Abia a lot better than he found it.
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