BreakingNews 1/2/2024 - Blackout For Over 3 Weeks In Ayobo Area of Lagos State

[ Masterweb Reports: Ogundele Damilola reports ] - Its been a major nightmare or rather inconvenience to both business owners and residents of the Ayobo Area of Lagos State for more than 3-weeks now since the issue of electricity as been of major concern.

From our investigation, some of the residents disclosed that, the issue of darkness and blackout started on Tuesday January 14th 2014.

At first instance, they were said to be informed that the cause of the blackout in the area was caused due to the affected (seven)-power plants in country that are presently down. But after two-weeks of patiently waiting, they also said they discovered that the electricity must have developed a major fault from the PHCN supply plant which is also located in Ayobo.

Also majority complained that very soon the PHCN officials will go about distributing bills for electricity supply not consumed.

But as time rolled pass, other areas nearby such as; Oluwa-Ga, Baruwa, Church Bus-Stop (Ipaja), Abesan estate, Gowon estate seems to exempted for this calamity of blackout.

Other areas being affected are; Amule, Ibtc, Ashipa, Megida, Olayemi, Alaja, Bada, Ayietoro, and some few other located at the very end.

Affected residents in the area plead to the state and local government to come to their aid and really expect that the  darkness and blackout will end soon. 

Ogundele Damilola ( Email: ).
*Photo Caption – Town in blackout
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