SpecialReport 5/2/2014: Unmasking "Dogari" Policy In The Nigeria Police Force - Part 2

[ Masterweb Reports ] - As promised in the first part of this all-important letter, this is its continuation. It contains the names of all serving AIGs and CPs in the Nigeria Police Force, their geopolitical origins and other useful information. The CPs’ names in this part two covered those of Southeast, Northwest and North-central zones. Serving AIGs: The worst of it all is the case of the 21 serving AIGs in the NPF and their geopolitical representation. Out of the 21 serving AIGs including one specialist, none of them comes from the Southeast geopolitical zone; an important Nigeria’s federating partner populated by one of the three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria (Igbo). This has made this important federating partner an endangered species in the country including being prone to ethno-religious violence and next door enemy to other federating partners. Out of the 21 serving AIGs under reference, Northwest geopolitical zone is, again, given eleven, North-central five, South-south two, Southwest two, Northeast one and Southeast zero. The eleven serving AIGs from the Northwest zone and their birth, enlistment, promotion and retirement dates are........ Read More.




*Photo Caption - Nigeria Mobile Policemen

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