BreakingNews 6/2/2024 - Chief T. A. Orji, Best Governor Abia Has Ever Had says Ohaneze Chieftain In Spain

[ Masterweb Reports ] –  The Secretary General of Ohaneze Ndigbo Spain, Hon. Uchendu Precious Onuoha has commended the good works Governor T.A. Orji has done in Abia State. Hon. Onuoha who spoke with Nigeria Masterweb publisher, Chief Charles Okereke after their fact finding mission to Abia where they toured and verified the various projects the state governor has executed and the ones proposed to carry out in his legacy projects, highly commended the Governor for his visionary and result oriented leadership.
According to the Ohaneze chieftain, “Ola agba naka ejighi enyo ele ya” meaning, a ring in the hand does not require a mirror to see it. He said that since 1991 when the state was created, from the era of the military governors to the civilian, none has done for the state what T.A. Orji has accomplished notwithstanding the state of rot he met Abia during inception.
Hon. Onuoha lamented on security in Abia State before Orji. In his words: “Before T.A. Orji came in, the information and report daily received about Abia state here in Europe and America was lamentable. Security of lives and properties, which are among the fundamental things any purposeful leader should pursue, was zero in Abia state.
“Anarchy, hailstorm and disaster were let loose on Abia people. Murder, assassination, robbery and their big brother kidnapping like a hurricane swept across Abia state. Things really fall apart in a state that hosts the great Achebe’s alma-mater and the center could no longer hold. It was a daily experience coming across Abia citizens, aged parents, traditional rulers enroute Madrid airport to America on involuntary and forced exile to stay with their siblings abroad. Others relocated to other cities in Nigeria. And many of them could not survive the sudden change of environment at old age and died. Kidnapping was like an institutionalized arm of the Government and the likes of the dare devil kidnap kingpin Osisikankwu held sway.”
The Ohaneze chieftain stressed that Abia was held ransom by mother and son and was run as a kitchen cabinet. Above all, a state that is depicted to be God’s own state became devils own state under an evil dynasty. And eventually Abians, God’s own state and people were subjected to the worship of the “ Baal” of Okija. That would give a picture of the state of things before the arrival of T.A. Orji. That is the state of Abia the Governor inherited on inception. It was like a life snake been handed over to somebody. And it takes a wise, courageous and determined man to handle such a scenario.
According to the Ohaneze chieftain, surmounting these state of chaos wouldn’t have been easy. The chieftain said the first four years of T.A. Orji’s government was spent to disentangle himself and the people of Abia from the grip and bondage of the evil dynasty of his predecessor. Hon. Onuoha continued: “The governor within that period, embarked on a rescue, deliverance and salvation mission to dismantle the high places of Baal in Abia state and set the people free. It is said in Igbo “Ndu bu isi”, meaning life is the head. Governor T.A. Orji has fought a good fight and has restored the security of lives and properties and the people of Abia are no longer embarking on forced exile, but have returned to dwell in their own domain. Abians abroad can come home and stay with their people without fear.
“The dialysis hospital he built is a new innovation in the history of health projects in the country. Even the Federal Government has not done that. Knowing that our people thrive on trading, he relocated the old markets in Umuahia and put up modern structures. New estates have been built, Government secretariat has been built, Government college Umuahia has a new edifice added, not minding he was not an old boy of this highly respectable college. He has not left Aba in the scheme of things; among his legacy projects include rebuilding Ariaria and Ahia ohu markets. Also the Abia airport and sea ports are laudable plans and projects that he has lined up to pursue. Though because of time he may not be able to accomplish all, but he has laid the structure for whoever that may come behind him if a good leader like him should pursue.” 
“Though he may not have been perfect in all, but he has done very well and need to be commended.”, the Ohaneze chieftain enthused.
*Photo Caption – Governor T. A. Orji
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