BreakingNews 22/2/2014 - Gov. Obi Presents Cheques of N5 Billion for the Continued Rebuilding of Schools in Anambra State

[ Masterweb Reports  ] – History was again set in the Nigerian School system when Friday, February 14, at the Women Development  Gov. Peter Obi presented cheques totaling N5 Billion Naira for the continued rehabilitation of schools in Anambra State. Catholic and Anglican Churches got N1.589 Billion Naira and N1.108 Billion Naira respectively, while Government-owned schools got N2.697 Billion. The amount was shared proportional to the number of schools owned by each organizations. In the case of the Churches, it was for the continued rehabilitation of their schools taken forcefully by the Government, which Gov. Obi returned to them in 2011.
In her opening speech the State Commissioner for Education, Dr. Uju Okeke said that the continued provision of huge amount of money for the rebuilding of school infrastructure by Gov. Obi was because the sector was in complete state of disrepair.  According to her, since Obi returned schools to the Church in 2011, that Catholic Church had so far received a total of N2.888billion and Anglican Church N1, 708 Billion. She also said that the 254 public schools in Anambra State had received N10Million Naira each for renovation of the schools; N30Million for the rehabilitation of 39 mission secondary schools returned to them; N2 Million Naira each to the 420 public/ private mission schools for the provision of library and laboratory equipment; N1Million  to each of the 420 public/Private Mission Secondary Schools for the provision of sports equipment and sick bays; N200 thousand to schools to organize sporting events; provision of 420 (30\50 kva ) generators ; distribution of over 23,000 to schools in the state; provision and distribution of over 400 buses to Nigerian schools.
Speaking at the event, the Executive Secretary of UBEC, Dr. Suleiman Dikko said that  he had never seen in any State in Nigeria the level of improvement he saw in Anambra State. He described the practice of   direct disbursement of Money to end users as done in Anambra State an innovation that should be encouraged throughout the country. He said it had led to commendable rehabilitation of schools in  the state as it gave no room for stealing of the money by political leaders.  
The Head of UNICEF "A" office, Mr. Charles Nzuki, who witnessed the event said that Anambra State was among the leading states that work with UNICEF. He lauded many innovative policies of Gov. Peter Obi. He linked the wonderful relationship between Anambra State and International Agencies to Obi's commitment to the people of Anambra State, which he said led him to visit UNICEF Enugu office which no Governor, past or present,  had done.
Reacting, Archbishops Valerian Okeke and Christian Efobi struck the same chord in saying that Obi remained the best Governor of Anambra State since the State was created. They commended his courage in returning schools to their owners and his continued provision of money for the rehabilitation of those schools, which, according to them, had made Anambra a State worth emulating by other States in Nigeria. They prayed that the incoming Governor would not just work like Gov. Obi but surpass him. 
Gov. Obi who said he would continue working till his last minute in office, said the idea of giving money directly to end users was to ensure that every penny meant for public good was properly used. He said that before he took over a lot of things were not working in the State, but that the entire scenario had changed. Using accredited school of Nursing and Midwifery as an example, he said tue State from zero accreditation, now had 12 of such schools accredited. 
 *Photo Caption - Gov. Obi ( middle), with Dr. Suleiman Dikko, the Executive Secretary, UBEC (1st right), and Dr. Uju Okeke (1st left), during the presentation of cheques totaling N5billion Naira to Archbishops Valerian Okeke( 2nd right) and Christian Efobi(2nd left) for the rehabilitation of schools in Anambra State at the Women Development Centre, Awka Friday, February 14.
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