BreakingNews 28/2/2014 - Nigerian arrested for having sex with a goat in the forest

[ Masterweb Reports ] – A 20-year-old Nigerian man identified as Malam Kamisu Baranda, was arrested for having sex with a goat in Baranda forest, in Dutse Local Government Area of Jigawa State, Nigeria. He was handed over to Jigawa State Police Command by his village head for the bestiality act of which he said he sought  permission from the animal before engaging in.


Baranda was arraigned in court and the judge ordered him remanded in prison for two weeks while the case was investigated. The accused urged the court to set him free because the goat belonged to him and he sought the animal’s consent before engaging in the act. He said he had engaged in sex with animals “over 10 times” because it “satisfied his demand”, but had never previously been arrested. He said he took goats into the forest near his home to ‘avoid embarrassment’ and did not know it was an offence to have sex with them.



*Photo Caption – A goat.

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