BreakingNews 3/3/2014 - Quality of Abia Nominees To National Confab Ennobling

[ Masterweb Reports: Hon. Chuks Ibegbu reports ] – The Governor of Abia State Chief  T A Orji recently forwarded the names of some notable and cerebral Abians to the National Confab as required by the authorities. The names forwarded by Governor Orji are no doubt among the best in Abia state and showed that Governor  Orji is truly an Igbo patriot and a Nigerian statesman.
Nobody in the entire state or country can fault the quality of the nominees from Abia state. They are men and women that have proved their mettle in different fields of endeavour at both the state and national levels. The National Confab is a very serious business that will determine the fate and future of Abians, Igbos and Nigerians. It is therefore essential  that only our best are there. Governor Orji has determinedly achieved that. From these galaxy of accomplished men and women it will be zeroed to the number allocated to Abia state.
The expectations of Abians and Ndigbo is very high from our representatives at the confab. Ndigbo clamour for more states, restructuring of Nigeria , equity, justice and fair distribution of federal resources. As we speak several oil wells that ought to belong to Abia state are in other states. The past census figures is biased against Abians and Igbos. Our representation in the National Assembly, the Federal civil service, and other federal agencies is minimal. A lot of things went wrong in the past that now need to be corrected once and for all.

As Abia delegates prepare to join other Igbo delegates to the confab, it is hoped that their patriotic mission will be rewarding and the reasons for their choice by Ochendo Abia will be justified 
*Photo Caption Hon. Chuks Ibegbu. He can be reached by email at and by phone at +234 8035410176
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