NewsReel 14/3/2014 - Okorocha And His Double Barrels

[ Masterweb Reports: Ogbueshi Nnolim reports ] – I am a Deltan who was brought up in Enugu, schooled in Nsukka, and had business calls in Onitsha and Aba cities. I am not ashamed of my Igbo origin and connection and feel very disturbed when the Igbos are in the news for the wrong reasons. Governor Okorocha’s declarations at Igbozurume Unity Center during the international colloquium on Igbo Question in Enugu, as reported by the Daily Sun of Wednesday, March 12, should not be left untouched. It had enough diction merely to capture attention, but too bad to make changes fundamentally. If Igbos are not united as he claimed, what has he done to unite them or foster peace from his micro unit of the Governor’s forum? If peace seemed elusive, what has he done?
The examples and citation of Oduduwa and Arewa suggest that he lacks knowledge about these bodies. I may be forced to ask, have they been without their problems? Or are they perfect and so exemplary? The Awolowo- Akintola divide is still a potent factor in Yoruba politics. The series of coups in the military were northerners against northerners- Gowon, Murtala, Shagari, Buhari. How long ago did Buhari forgive Babangida? Sociologists posit that society is made up of conflicts and consensus, so there is no big deal in brothers quarreling, rather, the issue is making up. So what is he talking about?
His claim of Igbo being Hebrew is neither here nor there. Are there anthropological or scientific evidence backing it or mere claims of religious apostates who want to be noticed or hungry professors who want easy emigration to the State of Israel? This is certainly the   howlings of uninformed persons. Ohaneze is a rallying point for the Igbos. Remember how Odimegwu Ojukwu was challenged when he picked up the tag of Ezeigbo Gburugburugru. Ikemba used different fora to explain such suggested irredentist monarchy. In one of such interviews, he stated that his kingdom was not physical but one that should exist in the minds of Ndigbo. Mind you, the saying that ‘Igbo Enweze’ is a time-told–truth.
For Igbos and their republican nature, decisions have been taken at Nzuko of Elders which is what Ohaneze is all about. Remember that the representative legislature which has evolved to world-level is indigenous to the Igbos. As stated in many history books, civilization started in Africa and if properly investigated, this classical model presently adopted may have its origin from Igbo land. Igbos may disagree to reach consensus but we are never at war. To some extent, Okorocha’s statement may be inflammatory only aimed at starting a problem where it does not exist.
Come to think of it, Okorocha should take an introspection examining himself, because he has been the least in consensus with Igbo leaders and his fellow Governors. If viewed critically with statistics, he had been more absent from the South East Governor’s forum than anyone else. Ndigbo are not schoolboys to take unnecessary bashing from Okorocha and his muffler wearing converts.
Ogbueshi Nnolim reports from Oshimili LGA, Delta State.
*Photo Caption – Governor Rochas Okorocha
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