NewsReel-2 24/3/2014: Speech By Governor Orji On The Occasion of The 2014 Abia State Easter Carnival Logo Unveiling

 [ Masterweb Reports: From Abia State ] – Speech Presented By His Excellency, Chief T. A. Orji (Ochendo), Governor Abia State, On The Occasion of The 2014 Abia State Easter Carnival/Cantata Logo, Held At The Ultra Modern Skills Acquisition Centre, Umuahia, On March 21, 2014.
Distinguished Ladies And Gentlemen; It is my pleasure to be here today to witness the unfolding of a unique event in Abia State, which is the unveiling of the 2014 Abia State Easter Carnival/Cantata Logo. It is never easy to conceive a monumental idea such as this - that will stand the test of time, and to quickly and boldly begin the process of putting it into practice with an enduring stamp and logo to announce the arrival.
Each time I think of the Easter Carnival/Cantata event that we are now venturing into, as signified by the unveiling of this logo, - two other significant events easily come to my mind, making me proud that we have pursued the right course and that history will certainly vindicate our services as Governor of Abia State.
When we came to the governance of this State, we said that we will change the new face of Abia and build a sustainable foundation for the socio-economic and political foundation of our State. We indeed meant every word of that promise, and that is why we quickly focused on the two pillars of restoring the security of lives and property of citizens, especially against kidnapping. We equally focused on rescuing our State from the embrace of idol worshipping and vile oaths as a base for political office seeking and advancement in governance.
With these two pillars firmly in place, our Government has opened the doors of new opportunities and a wonderful new era for the voices of our people to be heard; for chances to pursue new prosperity, and the restoration of Abia State as truly God’s Own State.
Abians now have reasons to dream new dreams and accomplish them in peace and security and without governance impunity. And that is why we can now join the wonderful victory chorus of redemption and atonement of Easter Carnival/Cantata today. The new face of Abia is certainly with us!
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