NewsReel 15/4/2014 - Speech By Gov. Orji On The Occasion of A Grand Civic Reception In His Honour On April 15, 2014 By The Good People of Bende LGA At Bende Local Govt. Headquarters

[ Masterweb Reports ] – Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; I am very pleased to be here today amongst my friends and the good people of Bende Local Government Area. Your LGA and your people continue to play very prominent roles in the politics and economy of our State, our Government and the Nation, - and that is why I am very excited that you have chosen this day and this occasion to accord me a civic honour and reception. I thank you immensely!
When we started this journey to wrestle the governance of our State from oppressive and despotic leadership, Bende LGA and its good people were solidly with me, all the way. And through thick and thin and the rough and tumbles of the politics of our State, you have remained solidly behind and with me. 
You deserve my appreciation and honor, but instead you are today raising your support and loyalty by organizing this civic reception for me. I think you deserve my immense appreciation and I thank the entire people of Bende LGA for this singular gesture.
I want to remind you that with the solid support of Bende LGA and its people over the years, we have been able to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable political and economic wellbeing of our State, where Bende LGA and its people are active participants and beneficiaries. You still deserve more and you will get more!
With your support, we have leveled the political playing field and opened-up our political space to the greater participation of our citizens, without the over-abrasive control of godfathers and godmothers. We have given back to all of you your dignities to aspire and to win political offices without administering vile idolatry oaths.    
                                                                                                                               And we have stabilized and secured our environment to protect your lives and property from violent criminals and kidnappers, and you can now dream great dreams and pursue them in peace.    
These are intangible values that should make living worthwhile for any man or woman. And I am sure that none of you is ready to go back to Egypt? No, forward ever, backward never!
As we prepare for the way forward come 2015, I know some of you may be pressured to try new games with promises of a new garden of Eden in Abia State. But you should never be deceived again by those whose stock in trade is to weave a veil across your eyes and lead you to Amargedon.       
I urge you to stick to our winning team, stick with our great Party the PDP, and together we will do it again. I have been assured by many of you that there is no shaking in Bende LGA, and with the crowd I see today in this civic reception, I believe you, just as I have always done before!
Our Party PDP will continue to pursue the path of equity, fairness and justice, and the playing field will remain free of manipulation at all levels, without the imposition of candidates from the ward levels to the highest level. 
But we will not allow our active and functioning system to be inflicted by a dangerous virus that has no political value. I urge you to be vigilant and resist such intrusions!
Once more I must thank the good people of Bende LGA for the elaborate ceremonies of this civic reception, especially the efforts you have put into driving it through. I really appreciate you, the organizers and the entire people of Bende LGA who are here. May the Almighty God continue to bless and replenish you!
One last word, our collective and individual loyalty to our great Party PDP must remain unshakeable and we will fight to maintain Abia State as a foremost PDP State in the Nation. The rewards are evident in the winds!
Thank you and God bless you.
*Photo Caption – Governor T. A. Orji
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