BreakingNews 22/4/2014 - American Woman Writes Masterweb On Nigerian Scammers Duping Americans

[ Masterweb Reports: Karen Sensenig reports ] - I would like to report 2 people from your Country that are trying to steal money from Americans. The 1st one is: Mr. Tony Elumelu, cell number is 2348165550039/ He says that he is the Foreign Remittance Director for the UBA Bank!!!!!!!!!! He is a liar and a thief.
The 2nd one is: Mr. James Williams, cell number is 2348056108249/He says that he is the Director Foreign Remittance through Zenith Int'l Bank, 84, Ajose Adeogun St., Victoria Island, Lagos-Nigeria.
Karen Sensenig
Lancaster, PA
*Masterweb Notes: Karen Sensenig is disabled and her husband unemployed. They lost the sum of $574.00 to the scammer who claimed to be Mr. Tony Elumelu. Zenith Bank saved them from the trap of the person claiming to be Mr. James Williams as upon inquiry, the bank told them they were dealing with shadow that was trying to swindle them. Karen told Masterweb News Desk they lost huge amount of money to Nigerian fraudsters in 2001. She was too embarrassed to reveal the actual amount they lost to our News Desk. The attention of UBA and  Zenith banks are drawn to this article.
*Photo Caption - An American, Brandon Mikkelsen in 2005 displays a counterfeit cashier's check sent to him by a Nigerian scammer. Read full story with the link below:
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