BreakingNews 18/4/2014: Report By Saharareporters Jonathan Ordered Arrest Of Ohanaeze Youth Leaders, A Fabrication

[ Masterweb Reports: Odozi Nwodozi reports ] - On the 5th of April 2014, elections were held for the youth wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo at the National Secretariat where Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro emerged the National Youth Leader with sixteen other members of the National Executive Council. That of the women wing was inconclusive on the 6th due to some manipulations and cross-interests. The NEC of Ohanaeze Ndigbo is yet to meet to re-schedule the women wing election.

The new youth executive were yet to settle down when news filtered out that the Chilos Godsent group has fixed their “inauguration”in Enugu on the day the President will visit the city for the South-East Rally of his party the PDP. On further investigation, it was discovered that the group (“Ohanaeze Youth Council”) was working with some reactionary elements whose aim was to discomfort Ohanaeze Ndigbo since they could not hijack it for their selfish political purposes, hence the newly elected executives reconvened in Enugu on Thursday to peacefully stop the illegality. While some affiliate youth groups pleaded with the executives to allow them to “deal” with the usurpers, the leadership pleaded for a peaceful resolution. Hence the invitation of the police.

At the New Haven Police Station, the arrested gang were granted bail when the leadership of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Wing refused to make statement in order to allow for a peaceful resolution. The position of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Wing, just like every right thinking Igbo person is that the Chilos/Ofoelue group have the right of association as enshrined into the Nigerian constitution, but they should lend reverence to the name “Ohanaeze” by deducting it from their name, since they do not have any affiliation with the apex body.

Presidential Arrest:

The report on April 15, 2014  titled “President Jonathan Orders Arrest Of Ohanaeze Youth Leaders In Enugu State” by the infamous online tabloid Saharareporters, is another lie by the mischievous and corrupt outfit aimed at giving the president bad name so as to strengthen opposition in the 2015 elections.

It should be of note that neither the president nor any member of his entourage was aware of the activities of this pigmy fraudulent group, as every action taken against them was done by their peers (Igbo Youths) who were out to correct the criminal acts of this bunch who are believed to be in the pay roll of Igbo haters and some rudderless Igbo political actors whose ships of relevance are sinking.

This group has nothing to do with the apex Igbo socio-cultural body Ohanaeze Ndigbo , therefore they should delete the prefix “Ohanaeze” from their name. Until they and other fraudulent groups across Igboland and beyond using the name for mischievous purposes do that, they will not know peace.

For this group, these pertinent questions are begging for answers. 1. Why did you suddenly choose Enugu as the Venue of your “Inauguration” instead of Owerri where you had your “elections”? 2. Why did you did you not make use of the 1000 capacity hall within the confines of Ohanaeze Ndigbo National Secretariat Enugu, rather you preferred holding your event in a garden. 3. Why did you choose to have your event on a day the President is visiting Enugu, if not to cause mischief and satisfy the desires of your reactionary pay masters? 4. Why are you still bearing the name “Ohanaeze” when the body has repeatedly denied you?

Igbo si n’atuolu omalu, omalu. Atuolu ofeke,  ofenye isi n’ohia! The choice is yours’ be wise!

Odozi Nwodozi ( Email: ) can be reached by phone at (+234) 08095495123

*Photo Caption - Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, newly elected Ohanaeze National/Worldwide Youth Leader. Isiguzoro can be reached in Nigeria at 07034380211 or 8028597244. Call to congratulate him.
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