BreakingNews 28/4/2014 - African Union seeks financial freedom to steal from Africans after plundering foreign funding

[ Masterweb Reports ] – More suffering await Africans if proposal by corrupt and inept African Union (AU) to raise extra funds are adopted. The vulture body as corrupt as the most corrupt country in the world in their next summit holding in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea from June 20–27 would reach decision on alternative funding methods as financial support overseas dwindle. The cost of hotel accommodation, air travel and text messages in Africa would go up upon the adoption and implementation of the proposal put forward by AU Council of Ministers in supporting the body’s budget, growing in deficit yearly. The proposal approved by the ministers include a $5 levy on air tickets originating from or coming into Africa, a $2 levy on member states’ hospitality sectors, 0.1 per cent levy per text message from Africa, and a 0.5 per cent levy on member countries’ budgets. The extra funding as proposed by AU would fall on the heads of Africans most of who are suffering, either from abuse, unemployment, underemployment and non-payment of salary on time. AU Council of Ministers was the same organ that organized an African Union Symbols Competition in 2003 that its budget was embezzled and winners in the competition not duly compensated. All  African Union Symbols can be rightly described as Symbols of Shame and Fraud. Africans must resist any imposition of levy on them by African Union.
African Union must -  
(1)   either account for the money budgeted for compensating winners in the African Union Symbols Competition or pay winners according to the rules of the competition;
(2)   return the anthem 2nd prize fraudulently paid to one of the competition judges to the rightful winner and;
(3)   return the anthem 1st prize unpaid since a revised version of OAU anthem which was not entered in the competition was fraudulently assigned the first prize which was not paid out to anybody.
African Union is free to use Symbols it chooses provided winners in its Symbols Competition are compensated, otherwise AU Symbols are nothing but "Symbols of Shame and Fraud".
In 2006, AU organized a new flag competition with an entry from Libya's Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The plan was to unveil a new AU flag, most likely Gaddafi's design at the AU summit in Ghana, the following year. Gaddafi was among the very few entrants in the competition since most prospective entrants boycotted it because of what happened with the first competition where winners chosen by judges were not announced and prizes not paid. It was Chief Charles O. Okereke’s effort, winner in the anthem category of the AU Symbols Competition that embarrassed the organizers from continuing the competition. Muammar Gaddafi as chairman of African Union in 2009 organized another AU flag competition with the requirement that entries should have green background as in Libya’s flag under him, but deceitfully the green background was presented as symbolizing hope of Africa. Entries were examined by a panel put in place by Muammar Gaddafi-led African Union Commission (AUC) and a winner was selected. The new flag (similar to the Libyan flag under Gaddafi) was adopted on January 31, 2010 in Addis Ababa, at AU 14th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government chaired by Gaddafi.
*Photo Caption – African Union (AU) Flag -LEFT; Libyan Flag Under Gaddafi-RIGHT
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