NewsReel 3/6/14 - Keturah Hamilton: Go get a paid job, leave me out of your drama..Emma Agu writes

[ Masterweb Reports: Emma Agu reports ] - Having read online, a purported press release issued by Keturah Hamilton's attorney and various publications by those who thoroughly misunderstood the rift between James Ikechukwu Esomugha, alias Jim Iyke and my humble self, reluctantly one is being compelled to address the press once and for all on this issue.
Before I say anything, may I inform all my fans, friends and well-wishers and the huge listeners of Emma Agu Loud in USA/ Nigerian FM world wide that nobody sued or dragged me to court as being reported.
Keturah Hamilton was my best friend until she got into a messy altercation with one Chinny C, who is a Nollywood movie upcoming producer and an actress. Chinny had alleged that Keturah Hamilton and a group of men had scammed her and almost left her stranded in New York. I was shocked when Chinny told me how Keturah had borrowed over $8,000.00 from her and refused to give her back the money. Chinny, who had no job, a nursing mother of a 1 year old daughter was in default of paying her monthly house rent in the Bronx, New York. As Chinny and Keturah Hamilton fought over this money, Keturah Hamilton went behind her back to get a restraining order against her.
Chinny, came to New York to have a baby. Chinny and Keturah Hamilton were like blood sisters. When this palaver broke out between them, I was on Keturah Hamilton's side. I became Chinny's enemy for supporting Keturah Hamilton.
Shortly after her drama with Chinny, Keturah introduced me to these same swindlers . I reminded her about Chinny, she became angry. On a night the leader of this group called my number, I knew I was dealing with a swindler. When I informed Keturah, she remained adamant.
There are so many things I would not want to say here publicly, however; I was pushed over the edge last year when Keturah lost her cool over a $75 dollar meal at a restaurant in Harlem. I started asking questions. I wrote-Who is Keturah Hamilton? Chinny who was afraid of Keturah begged me not to publish the story. The question is why a lady who told me she has investments here and there choose to live off the sweat of others. I wondered how she makes her money and was told exactly what she does for survival!
Having realized who I was dealing with, I started keeping a distance from her. On the other hand, she wanted to stick around to get publicity. She never really likes Africans and have said it over and over again.
Lately, I kept getting calls and text messages from her saying that Jim Iyke called her son and begged for forgiveness. During their conversation, James told her son, he would be seeing him soon. I never believed her. She kept updating my meduim on Jim's relentless phone calls, messages and his intention to come back to her. Each time I told her Jim has moved on, she would call me names.
Three weeks ago, she told me that Jim's sister who is a pastor based in London called her to inform her Jim is on his way back to be with her. I told her to zip it. I never believed her until the very day Jim arrived. On her way to JFK, International airport around 5am, she called this writer to tell him Jim has just arrived, I doubted her until she sent me a proof.
When asked what Jim wants, Keturah said Jim just told her the celebrated relationship he had with Nadia Buari is over. I said, ok, we shall publish this after we hear from Nadia, she said "go ahead but don't say I told you" . "Just tell who ever cares to listen that your staff saw Jim and Keturah together at the JFK, airport".
Since we don't put out news item without hearing from both side of the aisle, we decided to call Nadia's manager to find out the truth. We were told, Nadia and Jim are still together.
When we put a news item out, there was a question mark on it. It was not a 'snitching stuff' as being reported by media houses. We were forced to call Ghana to verify Keturah's claim that Jim came back to be with her again. So all those who keep saying I was judging Jim or telling him how to live his life, should take note of this.
Keturah has used, and to be in the news. When she threw a birthday party for her dog, she sent us all the pictures. She also begged us not to publish any positive news item on James and Nadia saying she is a crew member of We gave her all the news coverage she needed to be relevant. She gave us news that Jim Iyke and her are back again and turned around to betray us.
Keturah Hamilton is not a celebrity and therefore the claim that she is being stalked by me is an insult and slap on my face. Keturah Hamilton is a creation of EKerete Udoh's Diasporan star. She is not a super model and has never been one. In United States of America, stalking is a very serious word to use against anybody. I saw this lady over 8 months ago, I refused to see her after I took a decision to part ways with her because of a her never ending drama. I personally told Jim Iyke, why I don't want to be bothered with their drama, lies & phony lifestyle .
Those haters who are blaming me for James so called break up with Nadia are grossly ignorant. When Jim wanted to tell the entire world how much he loved Keturah Hamilton, he did it through my show. The very day it dawned on Keturah Hamiton that James has taken a long walk, she did it through Emma Agu Loud in USA.
We equally did many cover-ups for Keturah Hamilton. I was roundly insulted by those who accused her of living a double life. A man came with her video footage at club 40/40 in Manhattan, New York and begged me to publish it, when I refused, the man wrote me hate mails.
Having told this young woman to get a regular job or go back to school to finish her GED(GCE), she believes with her looks, she can get whatever she wants. I told her to keep me out of her relationships and drama. She started sending me unsolicted feedbacks between Jim Iyke and herself as a way of letting me know that contrary to what I think, she and Jim are still talking. She accused Nadia of snatching away Jim Iyke who dated her for six years without putting a ring on her fingers . The whole drama that engulfed the social media in the last one week, was her crafted attempt to be in the news.
The big picture that people are blindsided from seeing or comprehend is that Jim Iyke came to America to start what should have been a conjugal relationship with a young Jamaican lady he told Nigerians is a super model. He made up his mind to break up with her, having reliazed he was living in a fool's paradise. His relationship with Nadia Bauri became the talk of the town. It is entirely his business if he came back to Keturah Hamilton. It is none of my business. Keturah Hamilton who gave us the story to publish should have kept the news to herself!
My show has attracted the good, the bad and the ugliest. We also made few enemies here and there , standing for the truth. We are not a gossip meduim. People saying I wanted to make a name out of this, should please take a look at my past. I am not a publicity monger. I have always been at the background. I enjoy my privacy even though I find myself in the spotlight every now and then. At this point, I rest my case. Posterity and God will be the final judge.
Emma Agu ( Phone: +1 9176806000; Email: ) reports.
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