Nigeria's Intersociety Receives ICC's Letter & Replies It

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law-Intersociety writes to acknowledge your letter to us under reference. Your letter is in response to copies of our two-part letter to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, dated 29thand 31st June 2014, which we copied to your respected office. The two-part letter is titled: “Boko Haram Terror & Other Unlawful Killings: A Demand For Presidential Invitation Of The Chief Prosecutor For International Criminal Court For Investigation & Prosecution Of Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes & Related Others-Parts 1 & 2”. The part three of the letter under reference, which may most likely be........ Read More.




*Photo Caption - International Criminal Court (ICC) logo

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