Neglect & Marginalization of SPDC Land1-West (OML 34) Contractor's Staffs

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - We the contractor's staffs of the above named block of SPDC which comprises - operators, maintenance, operations support etc, wish to notify the general public of the willful and technical denial of our privilege (right) by the management of SPDC land1-west in the process of the on-going divestment of SPDC equity shares to other oil /gas prospecting companies. We have been working assiduously as contractor's staff for over a period of 10 years before the on-going divestment of SPDC shares without any fault or complain over the years. In light of the above, SPDC Land1- West management has given to us series of manpower training to cope with the incoming company taking over the OML 34 block. But to our greatest surprise, SPDC Land1-West management has turned round to.......Read More.




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