BreakingNews 24/6/14: I did not Demand 500 Million Naira from Peter Obi- Ben Obi

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The Former Assistant to the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi on Inter Party Relations and the younger brother to Sen. Joy Emodi,  Chief Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu) has denied maligning his former boss as is being circulated on social media.
In a press conference in his home town of Agulu yesterday, Chief Obi said that he was not so conversant with the social media and had not put anything there, directed anybody to put anything on his behalf neither was he contemplating putting anything.  He described as lunacy and the height of mischief, people circulating malicious publications on Mr. Peter Obi and linking his name to that.
Ben Obi who traced the action to desperadoes who are bent on tarnishing the image of Mr. Peter Obi, whom he described as the “best Governor Anambra State has had”, said that if indeed he had problems with him that it was what would be discussed at Umunna’s (kindred) meeting and not a matter for the media.
Chief Ben Obi who said he was part of the bedrock of Governor Obi’s Government and that he bore many scars from different battles he wedged for him simply because he believed in him and his vision for the State, said it was not possible for him to join the opposition now or in future to fight an institution he was part of. “If Nigerians love Obi as they surely do, for the wonders he performed in Anambra State, all of us that contributed share in the glory. I personally cherish this and cannot possibly go out of my way to act on the contrary”, Ben Obi submitted.
It will be recalled that statement purporting to emanate from Chief Ben Obi went viral on social media, where he was quoted to be demanding 500 Million Naira from Mr. Peter Obi as a settlement for all he did for him, failing which he would open up on Obi, with the combination of half truths and falsehoods,  in other to tarnish his reputation and reduce him to nothing in Nigeria, including mounting false allegation about his family, linking contractors to him,  claiming being his pimp, among others.
Mbuze advised those spewing the concoction to look for jobs to so and not striving to set brothers and friends against one another.
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