NewsReel 25/6/14 - Sierra Leone: Another Life-Threatening Tribulation For A Courageous People

[ Masterweb Reports: Sulay B. Conteh reports ] - It was Kailahun District where the rebel war started in Sierra Leone, it was Kailahun District where the war was most brutally fought and it was indeed Kailahun District that suffered the worst form the decade-long rebel war. After decades of APC misrule, the APC Government crowned it all with a well-planned rebel war. It is a complete idea of an extremely shrewd ethnic cleansing against the East and South by the Northern-led APC, all of which started by eliminating the strongman of the South, Mr. F. M. Minnah. After strangulating the SLPP Party by systematic gruesome killings of all who stood for decency, Siaka Stevens force-walked Sierra Leone into one party APC rule. With absolute powers of the state under the one-party rule, Stevens single-handedly manipulated his succession and put the failing Sierra Leone nation into the hands of his backdoor child Joseph Saidu Momoh. Stevens quietly groomed Momoh all throughout his rule to the rank of a Major General so that he can succeed his throne.
Momoh, officially born to a Limba family but clandestinely to Stevens, took over state powers to finish the unfinished business of his backdoor father. The Momoh-led APC Government went on to convict Minnah of “misprision of treason” following a very queer and highly unjust adjudication. In the ploy to finish up with Minnah (the strongman of the South), APC anticipated unrest in the South and East. The Momoh-led APC cabal therefore secretly recruited the North-born Corporal Foday Sankoh to quell any such unrest with a guerrilla war. While the warfare was to distract the people from the dangerous political maneuvering that was underway in Freetown, it was Momoh’s bold move on ethnic cleansing against the East and South.
Corporal Foday Sankoh had a pretty good knowledge of not only the army, but also the topographic terrains of South and East in terms of military strategicness. It was this devil-blooded man who would launch a brutal rebel/guerilla war or call it proxy war for the APC. The war latter slaughtered over fifty thousand people, over eighty percent of the slaughtered were in the East and South of Sierra Leone. The gruesome war was cruelly waged and brutally fought for over a decade, which interestingly turned around to unseat the Momoh-led APC Government from power. He who nurtures evil gets evil, he who spreads hate hears hate, he who lives by the sward dies by the sward and therefore you always reap whatever you sow. What Mohoh, his uncle Bambay Kamara and his entire APC cabal did not know was that whatever goes around comes around. So the APC war ploy that was sent around eventually came around to consume the APC Government.
After so much international efforts, the war eventually ended and then came the period for reconciliation and reconstruction. There again the disguised APC cabal as the Kabbah-led SLPP hatched out another drama for the war-traumatized people of the East and South of Sierra Leone. Over eighty percent of the reconstruction efforts, financially supported by the international community, were again redirected to the North. The North is the APC stronghold, the region that was least affected by the war. But it was also the birth-place of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, who posed as SLLP, but actually with thick APC blood. So the regions worst affected by the war (the East and South) were sidelined in the reconstruction drive, evidence of which today abounds in the East and South where there people are still firmly gripped with abject destitution and massive devastation. It is these decades of persistent subjection to neglect, brutalization, destitution and despair that have eventually led to the outbreak of Ebola, an epidemic that used to be associated with the far east of Africa, Uganda and the sort. Now once again, the courageous people of the East are challenged with another life-threatening tribulation. But God never abandons His chosen people. To the people of the East we say, endure! These are undisputable signs that your days of jubilation are near. Surely, these trying tribulations will soon turn into everlasting jubilations! Our renowned local prophet, Saffa Koroma of Kondorbotihun, repeatedly lamented lengthily on these issues in his prolific sermons across the East and South.
But how did the APC ploy against the East and South come to pass? The SLPP Party emerged victorious in the democratic elections following the overthrow of the APC by the NPRC Junta. To gain the hearts of the people in the North, the elders of the SLPP Party (notably late Hinga Norman and Alusine Deen) insisted on having someone from the North to lead the SLPP Party. This person was Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, the APC stooge who SLPP never took notice of. So it eventually was and indeed so did SLPP get to govern Sierra Leone for another decade under the disguise of the APC. Honestly, the novelty of the brainchildren of the people of the East and South has always driven them to their graves. Mr. Minnah scripted the “misprision of treason” article into the laws of Sierra Leone, which eventually took him to his grave. Also Hinga Norman and Alusine Deen stubbornly pushed Kabbah’s drive for SLPP Flagbearership and the very Kabbah eventually heartlessly drove the way to their graves. This sufficiently chronicles the politicking of East and South and how the North always takes advantage of it to smolder the people.
Now again comes the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in the same Kailahun District where the APC-led war started. Coincidentally, it is again the APC that is the ruling Party, whose continuous negligence of the region has eventually led to the outbreak of this deadly epidemic. Now instead of doing what it takes to combat the epidemic, the APC Government is politicking on the disease to raise fund for its bankrupt Government. In the wake of the Ebola epidemic, the first deceitful reaction from the Koroma-led APC Government was to close the borders with Liberal and Guinea. APC knows what to do right, but it deliberately chooses to do the wrong thing when it comes to the East and South. Closing the borders leaves one wondering if the disease is running into Sierra Leone from Liberal and Guinea. But even if that was the case, anyone familiar with the borders in that region would at once know that the APC Government attempt is completely nonsense. Firstly, there is no clear-cut line of border separation these countries. Also even if there was a semblance of one, it is all but a stretch of unmanned forest. But again even if that it actually existed as purported by the APC Government, was border closure the best medication for the Ebola epidemic?
APC always behaves in an extremely queer way when it comes to issues relating with the East and South. It is all novelistic, if not entirely disheartening, for any responsible Government anywhere in the world to respond to an epidemic by freezing Government Services in affected regions, including hospitals. The APC Government has now declared a state of emergency in Kailahun District and closed all hospitals, schools, banks and other government offices. Now even NGOs are fleeing Kailahun District under the directive of the APC Government in the name of fighting the Ebola epidemic in the region. APC is fighting the disease as if it were responding to an unprecedented terrorist attack in the region. These valiant and courageous people are once again left alone to smolder in the APC-made trouble. Where is the governance for the people in this difficult circumstance?
We ask the Koroma-led APC Government to stop politicking in the East and South and speedily deliver the qualified medical personnel, equipment and drugs to swiftly combat the epidemic. The APC Government cannot succeed in caging the people of the East and South. To our people of the East and South, we say endure this trying tribulation with every valor and fortit
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