BreakingNews 8/7/14: Masterweb Correspondent Encounter With Obasanjo In Madrid, Spain - Where You Are Affects Your Destiny

[ Masterweb Reports: Uchendu Precious Onuoha, Masterweb Special Correspondent reports ] - God has planned and mapped out all that will happen in our lives and when it will happen. He is the sole designer of the master piece art work/movie that is our lives. We think a times that things happen by coincidence but I have many reasons to believe they are not. Have you never heard of a saying that "everybody you meet in life is either a blessing or a lesson? Same applies to experiences too. I decided to expand my horizons many years ago, yes I expected to earn more than what I could in Nigeria but never in my wildest dreams dreamt that I will be in Spain where I am today, neither did I think that I would meet all the elites and high dignitaries that I have met in Diaspora.
When I arrived Spain, though I have always nurtured that dream of publishing my books but due to the language barrier, I thought it would be an impossible mission but God brought the right contacts for me and today that dream has been accomplished. I love representing and serving my country in every possible way and I have been doing that by assisting Nigerian citizens I come across at the complex Madrid airport where I work, especially our aged mothers and fathers who are always stranded because of language barrier. And I have done so too, through various associations I belong to where I hold the post of secretary.
Such associations are Nigerian Nationals in Madrid, Ohaneze Ndigbo Spain and currently the first Chairman of Ohaneze Youth Council (OYC) in Spain. I am the newly appointed Diaspora Deputy National Coordinator in Spain for Goodluck Johnathan-Sambo 2015 campaign. During the years I have lived in Germany and Spain I have unexpectedly met high Nigerian dignitaries that I surely wouldn't have had such privilege had I been in Nigeria. I met Prof Wole Soyinka at Madrid airport, Prof. Malachy of (UNN), Executive members of the Nigerian Medical Association, Nigerian football stars to mention but a few. Apart from Nigerians, I have met world famous people and! Who is who! Such as Aznar Spain’s ex-President, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dog, Ronaldo, Messi, and lots more.
At my place of work, (in the airport) I am a Nigerian Ambassador, as I have used my position to help many Nigerians. Even the Embassy of Nigeria in Spain recognizes that, as I have helped them several times to deport Nigerian children rescued from adoption by the Spanish. About a month ago, I assisted Her Excellency Bianca Olivia Ojukwu in the deportation of some rescued Nigerian children; among them is the granddaughter of the popular Nigerian Champion Power Mike during their departure from Spain.
Few days ago while going about my usual duty at the airport, I ran into the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. I was surprised at how simple, jovial, humorous, and down to earth he is. We discussed at length, he was interested to know how Nigerians are coping here as it is known to the world that Spain is facing a severe economic crisis. He was highly pleased to know some of our citizens are working and representing our country well. I handed him a copy of my book "The road we travelled" which he received with all pleasure promising to read it. I never knew I would ever meet OBJ under the circumstances we met. This a man I would have needed a God father to meet, but God who is my God father and my greatest connection made it possible in His own way.
In our life journey, we will meet all sorts of people and it is very important that we value them because they have been placed in our way for a purpose. Even the wretched looking person may open a door to your success. Never judge people by their appearances or by their wealth because the apparently poor or common man may help you with a link or contact that you need. I have learnt a lot from all sorts of people, being the secretary of Precious Women of Faith has made me understand and value women a lot more. And I am grateful to the Precious women that have made positive impact to my life, such as my mother, my wife, Aunty Sarah Ajiere, Bianca Ojukwu, Pat Onyekachi, Nwanne Campo, Jennier Diorgu to mention but a few.
To those who seem to be in pains with my rising profile, I say promotion does not come from East or West, but from God. God is my greatest connection.
*Photo Caption - Honourable Uchendu Precious Onuoha, Masterweb Special Correspondent, Ohanaeze Youth-Spain Chairman/Media Coordinator (LEFT); Ex-Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo (RIGHT). Click on the link below for Enlarged Photo - =>
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