Liberia Hanging of Dr. Justin Obi, An Igbo Chemistry Professor

[ Masterweb Reports: Chief Charles O. Okereke reports ] - On November 19, 1969 as the Biafran war was winding down, Dr. Justin Obi, a 65-year-old Igbo professor of chemistry, allegedly shot to death Rt. Rev. Dillard Brown, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Missionary - District of Liberia, his Treasurer Claude Nadar and wounded three others, including Miss Patricia Newiss, the Bishop’s secretary. Dr. Obi was a brilliant former chemistry professor at Cuttington University College of Liberia in Suaccoco, a suburb of Monrovia. He obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from Havard University in the United States. Cuttington University College was owned and operated by the Episcopal Church. Obi allegedly had stopped over in Monrovia on a flight from Biafra to the........ Read More.


*Photo Caption - William Tolbert Jr., Liberia President that signed Dr. Justin Obi's death warrant

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