BreakingNews 17/7/14 - Overcoming War

[ Masterweb Reports: Josh Brannon reports ] - Everything going on in the world is a bit scary.  We have countries building nuclear power plants.  Nations warring with themselves and each other.  It’s scary.  I have to ask myself, what is going on?


Some people say the wars in the Middle East are over religion.  If you read my post called Man Should Not Live On Bread Alone, I think you will see that religion is most likely not the entire problem.  With the amounts of oil that can be found across the planet, I find it hard to believe that oil is the primary issue.  If you look at this area on a map, it looks like some nations could possibly be defending their countries.


We the people of the world share this one planet whether we like it or not.  When I look at this world, I see multitudes of people that walk together.  People that have the same goal of living and enjoying their lives.  People that realize that they’re lives are not sustained by themselves, or their personal nations alone. 


I see people that appreciate the fact that different societies or even neighboring cities have different standards.  I accept the fact that other individuals have different things that are acceptable in their lives.  I love the fact that I am given the freedom to be myself in America.  I have the right to be myself, and I have the right to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


I see a world where nations, the people that live within their nations have the right to function as the nation’s that they want to be without the threat of war.   Where the individuals of the world function in harmony.   Where we solve our differences by compromising.  By finding ways to meet each other’s needs without violence.


Within my friendships and family, compromise has to be met.  My family is very important to make and has helped me to accomplish many of my goals over the years.  When I look at the world, I see friendships.  I see people doing business with each other from one side of the globe to the other.  With this being true, I have to ask myself, why all the casualties?   Why would we fight over things such as religion, but be willing to do businesses at the same time.  Do we hate one another so badly that we are willing to die for our hate?


I love the way the 50 states of America operate in sync with each other.  We might not always be in perfect agreeance, but we are a union.  I cannot imagine what my state would be like if it were a country.  Would the surrounding states be considering invasion?  Would I have to convert my currency to visit relatives?  Would another country try to control us?


Division amongst the nations causes an obvious conflict of interest.  It divides the people of the world.  Most of who simply want to enjoy their lives.  When I look at other nations, I don’t see nations of enemies.  I see nations of human beings.  When I look to our future, I see a people united.  A world for the people by the people.  A place where we do not have to war with each other.  Where we are comforted in the fact that we don’t have to send our children overseas.  I believe there will be a day when we the people will be one people. 


When I look at our corporations competing with one another, I see dysfunction.  A conflict of interest.  I have worked for companies where it simply does not make sense to act in the best interest of the people.  When we the people of the world are working against each other to obtain our own personal goals, much of the time we are working against ourselves.  There may also be times when people are accomplishing great achievements, but functioning as individuals is preventing them from obtaining the goals that could be possible if we worked as one people. 


When there are 10 people doing something that only takes 5 people to do, we are robbing ourselves.  Certain things must be accomplished in order for us to make purchases.  To maintain our lives.  The services we render as individuals help us to be able to get, what we also as individuals need.  I am not an economist, but I think that having two phone companies, doing the same thing, while competing with each other, would cost we the people of the world money.  I don’t think that conflicts of interest like this only cost us money, but I think they cost us human life.


I believe a union amongst the people of the world is an absolute necessity.  I am not a Politician, but years ago I was reading the book of Revelation, and I saw the number 7 appeared over and over again.  I thought that this correlated to the 7 continents.  The number 6 might be a warning against an incomplete world.  An incomplete union.  One left out.


I originally thought that the world could have leaders by continent, but after looking at populations, I’m not sure that this would be true.  I am not a politician, but I think that this will help to at least point the people of the world into a decent direction.


Here’s the layout that I’ve kind of worked on.  An elected president with an elected balance to insure that the president isn’t misdirected would approve votes.  Possibly 56 people, maybe more.  7 on top with 7 under each of them.  I think that 7 sections of the world would then need leaders.  These 7 would each have 7 leaders underneath them and each of them with 7 under them.  I’m unsure of how many there should be, but these peoples focus would be on the law.  Depending upon the seriousness of the law, these congressmen could vote left to right whether or not it would work for their people as well as the world.  There would be votes on laws amongst politicians on lower and higher levels in this pyramid.


I also believe that an additional side to congress would be necessary.  Whose function would be to approve laws?  Possibly  the presidential section which approves law, and an additional, larger division, that approves their approval.


I think a supreme court would help to further complete the balance.  Possibly one for each country.  Maybe one for each of the 7 divisions of the world, and possibly one for the world.  I am not completely sure, I am not a politician, but I think it might help to protect the rights of the smaller countries. 


After all of this, I think that there should be another side that looks the same, but is for the businesses of the world.  I think that having a corporate side and a legal side could help people to focus on areas of the government that they have experience in.  I think this would also allow the states to join the union at a speed that they are comfortable with, as well as allowing companies to join at speeds they are comfortable with.    


I think that this government should be able to hear the voices of the people, and that one way would be through the elected leaders in the communities.  I think a military would be inappropriate.  I think the UN is adequate in that area.


Josh Brannon ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - An AK-47 Rifle. *One of the tools of evil in the world.


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