BreakingNews 22/7/14 - APC Plays Extremely Dirty With Lethal Ebola Epidemic In East/South Sierra Leone

[ Masterweb Reports: Sulay B. Conteh reports ] - It is almost a full half-year now since the first case of the fatal Ebola epidemic was reported in Kailahun, Eastern Sierra Leone. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the APC Government led by Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma has responded in a series of extraordinarily queer ways. This has raised a widespread suspicion about the real intensions of the APC Government regarding its unusual handling of this alien disease.
It has just been a little over a year when the Koroma-led APC Government boldly stole the elections and reinstalled itself into second term of office in an unusually unofficial way. In fact even the Koroma-led APC first term of office could not have happened had it not been for the blind craving for international recognition by late President Kabbah. But all of this is now history not worth any retelling in decent societies.
The APC Government has seen a unique opportunity in the fast-spreading Ebola epidemic that is devastating thousands of useful lives in the Southeast of Sierra Leone. To start with, the East/South is the stronghold of the opposition SLPP Party. Next, voter registration for the 2017/18 elections in Sierra Leone is around the corner. Of course led by Victor B. Foh (the vouchergate mastermind), there is no doubt that the Koroma-led APC Government has been desperately searching for unfair ways to suppress voter registration in the East/South while inflating it in the North (APC stronghold). So what has the Foh-chaired secret committee done to get the APC voter-registration manipulation come to pass?
To address this grand secret mission, one needs to have a vivid insight into what this Limba-born-in-Mende-land Foh character truly is. Foh’s father, a total ethnic Limba, married a wield Mende woman in Jimmy Bagbwo Chiefdom, Bo District, and there this terrible man was brought forth into this world. By the traditions of Sierra Leone, the line lineage or descent follows that of the father. So Victor B. Foh is hundred percent ethnic Limba too, who can by means mistaken for being ethnic Mende. It is told in Jimmy Bagbwo and beyond that Foh obdurately sold his father so as to gain financial wealth and political power. Foh’s father went mysteriously missing and any news of his disappearance suppressed by Foh himself, and thus the remains of Foh’s lost father are yet to be located anywhere in the world. This is the man the Koroma-led APC Government relentlessly uses to squash the East/South.
Foh’s past record in every aspect of life is just extremely horrible! After joining the civil service, Foh’s blood-borne corruption tendency made him the mastermind of the most infamous vouchergate in the history of Sierra Leone. Foh has also been implicated in numerous circumstances in using simple but extremely dirty tricks to outplay political opponents. Foh was even single-handedly responsible for planting Earnest Bai Koroma in the Chairmanship and Flagbearership of the APC Party for the 2007 elections, of course strongly against the will of the bigwigs of the APC Party. Foh even went to the extent of planting himself into the position of Secretary General of the APC Party in that ill-fated clandestine convention. For this reason, Koroma will never abandon Foh so long he his in the presidency.
Foh also served as the top Minister of Finance in the AFRC Junta the most deadly regime in the history of Sierra Leone. Foh was responsible for the election riggings in both 2007 and 2012, and he is also highly active in the tearing infighting in the opposition SLPP Party. Foh is said to be personally responsible for the demise of countless personalities in the SLPP stronghold in the East/South. It is this Foh, such an unspeakably horrible character, who President Earnest Bai Koroma awarded the “Rokel Order of Merit” for significant contribution to Sierra Leone. In fact, it is strongly rumored today that Foh is slated to be the next Election Commissioner in Sierra Leone. But Sierra Leone is not surprised by this because it is all unmistakably known that Foh and Koroma (who are actually ethnic cousins) are in a type of “you scratch my back I scratch your back” situation. Koroma has held up this win-win engagement with Foh, irrespective of his past record.
Actually, the grand APC plan is to use every means possible to suppress voter registration in the East/South SLPP stronghold. So the Foh-chaired secret committee charged with the responsibility to execute this plan came up with an idea working to reduce the population of the East/South as the most effect way to easily win the 2017/18 elections. The committee figured it out that war was no longer an option for the region, so it then decided to send Foh to China as Ambassador with a special dirty mission. Remember that Foh has no empathy for life, not even that of father whom he sold long ago. Foh’s top secret mission was to abuse his Ambassadorial privileges to collect Concentrated Ebola Serum (CBS) from Uganda and administer it to the sick in Government hospitals in the East/South of Sierra Leone, especially in Kailahun District. Of course Foh and his cohorts are well guided by specifically recruited doctors.
Foh has long since committedly executed this mission as he puts it in his own words during President Koroma’s last visit to China: “I was born APC, all along lived APC and I serve one but only one master in my life”. It is this heartless character that the Koroma-led APC Government relentlessly uses to bribe the elders of SLPP to stage infighting in the party, which always plays to the advantage of the APC Government.
Thus with the outbreak of the APC-grown killer Ebola epidemic, the Koroma-led Government’s first response was to close the borders with Guinea and Liberia. If it had not been the APC Government’s fear for carry-over effects of its grown-on-purpose Ebola epidemic in Guinea and Liberia, then what else would it be for when the epidemic was actually deliberately started in Sierra Leone? Next in the APC Government’s response to the epidemic was isolating the East/South; of course again in the fear that the disease could spread over to other regions of Sierra Leone. The next move of the APC Government was freezing all government services from the most affected region (Kailahun District), including schools and hospitals. This left all decent people wondering about the real rational behind the APC-led strategy to contain the Ebola disease. How could one fight a disease epidemic by closing down hospitals?
With the successful execution of this dirty inhuman mission, the APC Government and the Foh-chaired secret committee have now come up with a brand new way to deal with the aftermath of their created Ebola epidemic. The Government has reopened the hospitals but not until lethal drugs were supplied to summarily terminate all who contract any sort of sickness in the East/South. In fact in Kenema and Segbwema, the Government has set up special Ebola treatment sites within the Lassa Fever (another lethal disease) treatment facilities. The wisdom in this is to ensure that if you contract Ebola disease and it is not strong enough to kill you, then proximity with Lassa Fever will finally blow you out. The people of the East/S
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