NewsReel 6/8/14 - Sensible Nonsense of Alex Ikwuechegh

[ Masterweb Reports: Dimgba C. Ikwuegbu reports ] - Recently, former Aba North elected Chairman, Ikwechegh Alex, granted an interview titled ‘Orji has put Abia in national political grid!’. From all indications, Alex was merely trying to launder his image if he has any.
There is this Igbo analogy that goes this way. You pulled your gun at me, pulled the trigger and it did not shoot, because there was no bullet and I was not killed. Now you weep profusely, telling me that you are sorry. What if the gun exploded and blew the head off me? Crocodile ties!
The other scenario is that of a cowboy in a Western. Remember Westerns, sometime the most popular films of the forties fifties and all. This cowboy heard a gunshot. He fell off the horse and hid in-between two narrow walls, panting and shaky. He actually had a gun but didn’t return fire. When the heat was over, he cleaned his dusty jacket and emerged from his hiding, boasting how he returned fire. He thought that nobody saw him in his hiding place but somebody did and just touched the muzzle of his cold gun to prove his lies.
All the above fit Alex the smart Alec. Alex Ikwechegh got into council through the maneuver of his uncle and mentor, Orji Uzor Kalu. While Chairman of Aba North Local Government Area, one of the richest Local Governments with high revenue profile, he was the greatest debtor. He refused upon all entreaties to pay Local Government workers. In Unconfirmed stories that loomed larger than life, he was known to elope to South Africa, spend his holidays in the company of Nolly Wood stars he drenched with money meant for sweating, LGA Staff while he drowned in Champagnes and the best of South African wines.
Families of malnourished workers under him in the council, went to bed hungry. Dependent relatives died in hospitals due to no care, children of some couldn’t go back to school because Alex did not pay, but in the interview, he employed the usual style of Nigerian politicians who think that they can always change history by mere telling new stories in glossy magazines, newspapers and badly written biographies. Alex is a beautiful piece of fakery.
He was the youngest of the chairmen and was expected to be closer to the people, especially the youths but he took to the ostrich strat
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