NewsReel 13/8/14 - Hamas Is A Bully That Gets A Thrashing

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - The blaming and tongue lashing the Israelis are receiving seem to be well meaning but extremely misplaced. Why must Israel be made sacrificial lambs when Hamas were relentlessly “na acho okwu” ( looking for troubles)? The score is almost 2,000 dead Gazans to 75 dead Israelis. It makes sense to discourage Boko Haram from messing with the Federal Republic of Nigerian because when the bullying turns around and becomes a thrashing, running to the International Court of Justice would be ineffectual.
I find it hard to sympathize with Hamas, a party that insists that the “only way we can co-exist with our neighbors is that Israel must be obliterated.” When you make such threats, be ready to back it up with power, not just empty lips. I have sense enough to avoid getting in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson without expecting a knock out in Round One.  I might be able to knock down skeletons like ifekanku or Emma Okafor, or even Paul Oranika. I would shy away from ukwu osisi Onyeagba and ozodimgba Onukwuli, though I might be nimble and faster.
 Weren’t violent Hamas firing missiles into Israel’s cities? Who were sneaking into Israel through secret tunnels to abduct Jews, murder Jews, and position suicide bombers in search of 72 virgins? Why must pesky troublemakers be crying “wolf” when bullying turns to massive thrashing consisting of kicks in the butts and “dombe” to the groins. Chimoo, atamaja ! A thrashing is defined as a defeat, beating, trouncing, pasting, whipping, battering, spanking, or simply winning. That a female British MP resigned from the cabinet to protest the thrashing ocho okwu Hamas received doesn’t impress me one bit.
My son did a quick research to find out that one does not just mess with Israel for the heck of it. Because the nation of Israel is surrounded by mostly hostile Arab nations that find Israeli existence as intolerable as ebola virus  in the human body and because Hamas would like the ground to open up to receive Israel in its bowels, the Jews have learned to be well prepared mgbe okwu g’ada. Israel has the best offensive and defensive weaponry. Israel is advanced in security, spying and nuclear technology. To the Jews, self-preservation is the first law of survival in today’s world. Ndigbo should learn some bitter lessons from Ndi Jews about self-preservation and survival for you never know what tomorrow would bring.
Dr. James C. Agazie ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Hamas fighters
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