On Death of Bernard Ogbonnia Edoga

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Several of our compatriots and fellow travelers have gone home to Nigerian only to meet their untimely deaths at the hands of evil people. Are the deaths caused by greedy relatives who use family politics and jealousy to justify wickedness?. Murders are not often committed by total strangers unless the inside job comes from people in the know within the family. Sometimes, these murders are perpetrated by or engineered on behalf of underachieving relatives you’ve left behind. Should your father be married to a woman or women other than your mother, you may have inherited a problem that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Money is at the root of many Nigerian relative-on-relative assassinations The more you try to uplift your uncle’s, sister’s, brother’s or step-mother’s underachieving children, the more their resentment or hatred of you grows exponentially for....... Read More






*Photo Caption - Late Ogbonnia Edoga 

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