NewsReel 12/8/14 - Sierra Leone: Ambassador Foh On The Run

[ Masterweb Reports: Sulay B. Conteh reports ] - His Excellency Victor Bockarie Foh, the Ambassador designate to Beijing, China, is on the run from the brutal killings of the rampaging Ebola Virus Disease he personally participated in clandestinely importing from the remoteness of Uganda to the opposition stronghold in Kailahun District, Eastern Sierra Leone. Foh was recently in town (Freetown) in preparation to lead the doomed high-profile entourage of His Excellency President Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma to the Historic U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington. When, however, it became apparently clear that President Koroma will be banished from attending the historic summit, Foh hurriedly ran back to his post in Beijing in fear that China too could consider passing travel bands on Sierra Leoneans in the extreme precaution of preventing any inter-continental spread of the lethal Ebola Virus Disease.
Because of his close tie with the President, Foh bulldozed Multi-Kamara from the ambassadorial post in Beijing. Lest you do not know who this character is, we must hasten to say that Mr. Multi-Kamara was the most efficient Ambassador that APC Earnest Koroma has so far sent to Beijing. We call President Koroma APC Koroma because he is now doing thing which not even Stevens ventured to do. APC Koroma is now fast painting Red (APC Party Color) every state property, including state helicopters, offices, furniture, coat of arm, etc., etc. To get back to our story, all the predecessors and now the successor to Mr. Multi-Kamara have proven to be hardened criminals and naked thieves. Evidences abound regarding the series of criminal activities these anti-development and unpatriotic Ambassadors were and are still engaged in under their diplomatic portfolios. It is only Mr. Multi-Kamara who has stood out lofty in terms of decency of office conduct and he has always been patriotic and true to the development of Sierra Leone. Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara truly has a solid trait of late President Kabbah who solidly worked not on party lines, but solely on national interests. It is this decent and fine man who the character-stained Foh bulldozed from the ambassadorial posting in Beijing.
Ex-Ambassador AKK disgraced himself in a nagging rape case, Ex-Ambassador Fornah followed suit by disgracing himself in epic money extortions from the Chinese Businesses and Ex-Ambassador Koroma engulfed himself in blind greed/tribalism of illiterate magnitude. Ex-Ambassador Koroma was so much so into greed that he was even pushing for replacement of Ex-Ambassador Fornah with the Chinese born citizen (Harry) as Deputy Ambassador. It was only Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara with his abled admin officer, Mr. Minnah, who truly engaged himself in building the right structures for resourcefully win-win engagements with the Sierra Leone Diaspora and the Chinese community. Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara was on the finishing touches of putting the this lofty structures in place that was supposed to recognize the role of the Sierra Leone Diaspora in attracting productive Chinese investment to Sierra Leone. This was not only patriotic, also heroic and truly new in APC rule! Why all this was being put in place, Baimba, the Info Attaché, was steadily playing his usual politics of backbiting in venomous tribalism and nepotism.
It was this investment which attracted Victor Foh the Fox to go all the way to bulldoze his way into China and axed this fine diplomat in the name of Mr. Multi-Kamara. Foh has now systematically dismantled that beautiful structure that took so much effort and commitment to put in place. With his takeover, things has gotten so much so rotten in the Embassy that physical fights, assaults and nepotistic infightings now occur on almost monthly basis. Things have grown so far worse that the local staff members have started calling it quits. Those, mostly women, who choose to stay must do so on a coercing consent of becoming a concubine of Ambassador Foh the Fox.
Before then, Ambassador Foh the Spider Fox used to shuttle on almost monthly basis between Beijing and Freetown, running special presidential errands in Freetown while at the same time holding onto his ambassadorial post in Beijing. Victor Foh has been the Spider Fox in the river between, not daring to risk losing anything on the political fronts at home and abroad. Now that the Ebola Virus Disease he deliberately transmitted on purpose is on rampage and brutally killing across the country, Foh has hurriedly run back to his posting in China and quietly hiding in the Embassy Premises. The Ebola Virus Disease in town now confuses Foh and bands him from risking going to Sierra Leone. But this again implies that Foh will no more have the privilege of manipulating things in his favor as he has always done before. Quite well knowing what APC is and is capable of doing, Foh might soon be bulldozed in the same manner he has always bulldozed others like his predecessor, Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara.
As we explained the last time, Foh bought the Ebola Virus from Uganda and took it to Freetown. The Virus Serum was then taken to the border town in Koindu where an innocent nurse was given the Virus Serum to inject an innocent pregnant woman who later died. The nurse later traveled to Daru where she died of the Ebola Virus Disease. Of course before both the pregnant woman and the woman nurse died, they had already transmitted the Ebola Virus Disease to so many other innocent people. That is actually how everything started in Sierra Leone. Any other alternative explanation is just a worthless political excuse with no solid basis.
But could it ever happen for His Excellence President Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma to see common wisdom in reinstating Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara, things will once again start working in the desired way for the Sierra Leone Diaspora and the Chinese Community. It could also be in the interest for APC Koroma to reinstate Ex-Ambassador to his post if he wants a quiet rule in the last two years of his presidency. Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara is so far the only diplomat who has displayed the needed charisma and acumen to engage all Sierra Leoneans (at home and in the Diaspora) in resourceful co-operations with the alien countries under his authority. So in the best interest of Sierra Leone, we advise President Koroma to, as a matter of urgency, withdraw Foh and reinstate Multi-Kamara into the ambassadorial post in Beijing. Foh is best fitted for the post of Chairman of the Consortium of Advisers to the President or a similar thing around the State House. Foh is persistently embarrassing Sierra Leone in China by rampaging and begging around and sometimes even coercing the Chinese Businesses to pay zakats into his personal Bank Accounts.
To Victor Foh, this is all what it means to be an ambassadorial diplomat. One has to overload his pockets or you stand to be awkwardly judged by history. This is in sharp contrast with what this fine man, Mr. Multi-Kamara thinks. To Mr. Multi-Kamara, one has to serve the people and nation without favor for cultural, social, political, religious or gender affiliations, lest history judges you awkwardly. Clearly so, Mr. Multi-Kamara is not only a man of the people, but also a man of the nation. This is the kind of diplomat President Koroma needs now in his last two years in office, to boost his image and standing in the international community.
God Bless Sierra Leone!
Sulay B. Conteh
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