BreakingNews 22/8/14: Jennifer Diorgu Set To Lead 20.15 Million Man Support For GoodLuck - Sambo In Spain

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The glamorous first Nigerian lady aesthetician and cosmetologist in Spain, Jennifer Alawari Okechi Diorgu is set to lead President GoodLuck Jonathan – Mohammed Namadi Sambo 2015 second term re-election bid in the Kingdom of Spain. Owing to her appointment by the coordinators of 20.15 Million Man Support For GOODLUCK – SAMBO 2015 Continuity Network, as the Diaspora National Coordinator in Spain, the vivacious lady bursting with life has already gone into action to map out strategies and structures to mobilize Nigerians in Spain to give their total support to the incumbent President and his Vice to actualize their re-election in 2015.
The pragmatic lady who is a media delight to press men because of her charm and gait was described and tagged as “Presidential Entourage” by an editor of a top newspaper who so much admired her style, saying that because of her bearing and carriage she fits in any day to be in the entourage of World class Presidents like Obama, Jonathan and their likes. In a recent contact with Masterweb special correspondent in Spain, Jennifer asserted that she is not a new comer to such roles, as a seasoned campaign blaze trailer, she championed President Jonathan’s 2011 election campaign as National Coordinator. An appointment she got through Hon. Alabo Graham Douglas, the ex – four times Minister.
Speaking to Masterweb special correspondent during their encounter, she described Jonathan as “The Road We Travelled”, referring to the title of the book by our correspondent, Uchendu Precious Onuoha. She said Nigerians having travelled under the leadership of Jonathan for the past six years with many positive results, will stand to gain more if he is given the second chance to continue with the viable developmental projects he has mapped out. She said if not for any other thing, Nigerians in Spain will give their support to President Jonathan for giving Nigerians in Spain a rare gift in the person of Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu whom she referred to her accomplishments within the period she has piloted affairs as Ambassador is equal to none, compared to those before her.
In her appointment, the political support group lauded her indefatigable role and sustained efforts towards the concretization of the on-going transformation agenda in Nigeria through her qualitative leadership roles which in effect necessitated her appointment as the National Coordinator over Spain, in mobilizing support to ensure victory for President GoodLuck at the 2015 polls. The ebullient lady said she will bring her wealth of experience to bear in mobilizing Nigerians in Diaspora in Spain to give their massive support to President GoodLuck come 2015. I have done it before and will do it better again. Referring to her campaign team, she described it as a crack squad that is ready to deliver the goals. She said that under the present dispensation, Nigerians in Spain and Europe will witness the best of democratic campaign ever in the history of mobilizing support abroad for any Presidential candidate in Nigeria. 
*Photo Caption - Jennifer Alawari Okechi Diorgu
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