BreakingNews 24/8/14 - Nigerian Nurses Are The Most Disrespectful Wives

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - Men, I am sorry to inform you that some Nigerian women are abnormal, uncouth, unmannerly, unrefined, and strange compared to what is considered normal, sophisticated, or excellent in women. I’m not talking about Mgbeke and Mgborie from the backwoods of Anambra and Imo. I am speaking of Nigeria wives (Igbo, Yoruba, Efik and all Nigerian tribes) with professional diplomas, such as the CNA, LPN, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD, and MD’s. I cannot say that these Nigerian women nurses and doctors are just shamelessly bold, defiant, and disrespectful. Many of them are vulgar, to be sure.  There are scores of Nigerian husbands who are experiencing much abuse from their so-called “hospital wives,” though they may be ashamed to admit it to themselves. Here are a few scenarios where your hospital wife would stand squarely in your presence and utter embarrassing curses when your children are all sitting around you:
1.      Ibu onye? (who are you?)
2.      Anu ofia (bush or wild animal)
3.      Onye ara (you are a crazy man)
4.      Ozu a (this corpse, or dead body)
5.      Ewu, Aturu (goat, lamb)
6.      Uwaka (an insult to your father) 
We decry Nigerian women who are saucy, insolent, impertinent, and utterly impudent. These nasty women can easily be identified as nurses or medical personnel in hospitals clocking  in over 80 hours per week and calling themselves CNA (Clean uNa NyAsh); BSN (Biko Sacha Nsi); MSN (Make I Saa Nsi), RN (Raa Nsi), and PhD (Please Hose-am Down). These women are saucy, meaning they are marked by a flagrant lack of respect or forwardness that is flippant or amusing as well as objectionable. Examples are remarks telling one’s husband he is a corpse, goat or wild animal. Which sensible woman would marry a corpse or insane man?
Some wives are insolent or boldly rude and provokingly disrespectful. Examples are insolent remarks from a wife who tells her husband:
7.      You are not a man.
8.      You are a homosexual.
9.      You aren’t the father of my kids; someone else is.
One woman wasn’t satisfied with humiliating and emasculating her husband who she said did not father her children; She moved out of the home and took the children with her to shack with a Ghanaian.  Kwame got tired of what Adaobi was putting out and kicked her out of the apartment . And when the husband insisted they do the DNA to determine paternity, it was discovered that Adaobi had been playing around throughout her three births.
Some wives are impertinent, that is, exhibiting behavior or speech that oversteps the bounds of good taste or manners, particularly in front of innocent children to whom they say:
10. Your father is lazy and a failure, he can’t provide for this family, and I am the only one that brings food home to feed you children.
11. Your stupid Dad has no good job, and I make an income several times his'. 
While we do not support spousal violence that involves shoving, slapping, choking some disrespectful wives,  we do recommend  that an abused husband makes clear it unmistakably clear to his disrespectful wife that “I find your comments unacceptable, I do  not deserve to be insulted, and you must stop such behaviors immediately.”  As a husband, you should demand that your wife respects you. You do not have to earn respect in your home. Any wife who does not respect her husband is not a true companion.
Dr. James C. Agazie ( Email: Phone: +1 6788861613) reports.
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