HND and BSc Discrimination, part of Nigerian's major problem

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Higher National Diploma (HND) is obtained from Polytechnic schools, while Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is obtained from Universities. 

Polytechnic students in Nigeria have suffered due to unconstitutional dichotomy created by some disgruntled occultists in Nigeria for their own selfish interest. This act has gradually killed Nigeria technical education and caused this country more harm than good.

Some of these Discrepancies are as follows:
a)    Inequality in salary Grade Level (HND:GL 07 & BSc:GL 08).
b)    Security personnel; Bsc (Commissioned), HND (Non-commissioned)
c)    Promotion; HND (maximum of GL 12), while BSc (Unlimited).
d)    Banking/Financial institutions treat HND holders like slaves.
e)    BSc holders employed as Admin staff, while HND holders are kept as cheap staff.

Some of the dangers imposed on organisations and this country at large are:
a)    Unemployment for HND holders, which has caused some of them to engage in all kinds of vices, such as; Assassination, kidnapping, Armed robbery, money ritual, etc.
b)    Nonchalant attitude in place of work.
c)    Hiding of acquired/inherent ideas that could move Organisations and Nigeria higher.
d)    Hatred among colleagues or comrades, causing each to kill one another through, poison, assassination, charm, etc.
e)    Candidates now rush and lobby for University admission, thereby killing Nigerian’s technical education which polytechnic mainly offer.

If this disparities/dichotomy must exist, the following conditions must be adopted:
a)    Educational years in polytechnic (from OND to HND) should be reduced.
b)    UTME/Post-UTME should be scraped out for Polytechnic candidates.
c)    School fees in Polytechnic should be slashed down drastically.
d)    One year Industrial Training/Attachment for polytechnic students should be scrapped.
e)    Five (5) credits SSCE requirement for admission into polytechnic should be reduced.
f)    Subjects offered in Polytechnics (both OND and HND) should be reduced.
g)    Carry-over should be scraped from Polytechnic.
h)    Theoretical exams should be dropped, while objective exams adopted for Polytechnic. 

Government should put a stop to this barbaric act because is not stated in either of the following; Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Public Service Rules, Financial Regulations, Civil Service Handbook, Federal Establishment Circulars, Schemes Of Service.

If these could not be stopped, government should scrap Polytechnic education in Nigeria to avoid further frustration of visionary/brilliant Nigeria HND graduates.

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