NewsReel 28/8/14 - What Must Not Manifest In A Heavenly Home

[ Masterweb Reports: Evangelist Chi Benedicta Okonkwo reports ] - WIFE-BEATING: Some men beat their wives and some aggrieved husbands or ex-husbands, or ex-lovers pour acid on their women. You cannot harm your own body, beating your wife is harming your own body. Violence against women in marriage contexts is a serious affront. He has failed in effective communication; and adopted the lower animal language of physical attack to send his message; He has lost all tenderness and love for his wife because love does not harm. The man poses a threat to the life of the woman depending on how violent he might get. His wife will live in mortal fear of him. He has insulted God, the Father who appointed him priest and head of the family. He has forfeited the mandate spiritually. Wife battery is a grave default that should be prayed out of the heavenly home. If a man loves himself, he will not be a wife-beater. If a man loves and honours God, he will not be a wife-beater.
God has apportioned Home Management to the woman.” Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” This means that what a woman will choose to do in her home will build or destroy her home. A woman has powerful influence in the home to give that home the quality tone a heavenly home deserves. A woman has to manage her home well, and take care of her home.
A woman does not have to gossip against her husband, exposing family private matters, bringing bad repute to the family from undignified behavior, careless talk, lack of decency, will bring down the quality of the heavenly home. The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, is a role model for all women about the divine concept of a wise virtuous woman as opposed to a foolish woman.
Managing the home front is a woman’s priority assignment, and in this portfolio, she is the Mother, the Decorator, the Caterer, the First Teacher, the First Nurse, the First
Counsellor, the First Mentor, the First Coach of everybody in the home, her husband, her children, and her domestic servants.
Effective, persuasive communication is an asset to the wise woman at home.
This means she needs to pray against the common malaise of nagging. Being easier to satisfy; being more content, showing understanding, and empathy will reduce the urge to nag. Also being responsible and having realistic expectations will help.
Sometimes, it may befall on the woman to be the Breadwinner. Provided her husband is appreciative, she should accept this role…and handle it with humility and trust in God-not bitterly. Nagging a man for what he is not able to provide will drive him to do the forbidden.
Yelling will impede communication. Abusive language is worse. Whatever is going on in the home; the woman is still the one to go to God in prayer and ask for help from God who gave her this assignment.
If a woman is highly talented and qualified, she has to negotiate with her husband her need for employment, or to go for further studies. A woman has every right to actualize herself and to seek economic empowerment; but it should not be at the expense of the home management and the children in particular. It is an unhappy home where there is no food at meal time for the children; and the children are left to the mercy of house helps, and the woman does not know or see what her children eat while she is dashing about and even leaving the cooking and the menu for the house-help ( that is, in Africa where there are house-helps) to determine and to cook and serve.
A balance can be negotiated between working in the home and incorporating situations; and taking care of vital issues at home. A woman in a heavenly home should seek this balance. Sometimes, the man is domesticated and can cook: but even at that, the woman should make him know that he is a very special auxiliary. It is still the woman’s primary duty to cook for her husband, in African culture unless she decides otherwise.
If a woman chooses to be a full-time home manager, that is okay for her provided she accepts it in her spirit and does not grumble. She need not carry on a martyrdom spirit, sacrificial motherhood syndrome, or a victim mentality. It is her choice; and it is a worthy cause. These days she can also achieve a lot using a laptop or a desktop at home hooked to an internet service provider. She can do a lot on-line: by way of further education; and e-commerce or networking for community service. A heavenly home has a woman who joyfully and obediently accepts her role as a homebuilder and manager, and who appreciates she is serving God in this function.
Wrong Solutions For Heavenly Homes
Whatever the problem is with your spouse, adultery is not the solution. Whether it is loss of sexual attraction to your spouse, whether it is resentment of him, or her, whether it is hatred of him or her, whether it is loneliness, etc. adultery in not the solution. “ Thou shalt not commit adultery” Exodus 20:14.
Adultery is one of the Ten Commandments of God that must be obeyed. It is a deadly sin. If God has joined you two together and you detach yourself from the union sealed by God, and copulate with a stranger to the union, it is:
An affront to God
An insult to God
A brazen rebellion
An immoral and iniquitous act
A dangerous act that can cause scandal, trouble and even retaliatory violence by the aggrieved party.
An act of lack of wisdom because;
All men are blemished, all women are blemished.
None is perfect. If you are looking for a perfect man, there is none. If you are looking for a perfect woman there is none.
If the devil suggests to you to go and have a fling, and ignore your spouse, it is an advice from the pit of hell.
When a woman gets married, her womb is dedicated to God to produce “ Godly seed”. Committing fornication with another man destroys that covenant and angers God.
A woman is a daughter of Zion, a special vessel for bearing God’s children, and her womb, for that reason is sacred.
The problems of marriage that affect sexual performance, sexual satisfaction, companionship, emotional and material support should be taken to God, the Balm of Gilead. There is no self-justification to condone adultery.
Some misguided spouses resort to the occult to enforce, or to obtain a desired result or effect in their family. God who created all fresh, and who created and ordained marriage and the human family can solve any problem whatsoever afflicting the family. Just take the matter to God in prayer. He is the God of impossibilities.
This God can do anything. If this God could raise Lazarus from death after four days; He raised Jairus’ daughter from death; He healed the woman of issue of blood for twelve years; He healed the blind Bartimeus, He created water out of the rock, He fed His people with manna from heaven; He closed and opened Rachael’s womb; He turned the bitter water of mara to sweet;
He collapsed the walls of Jericho; He was the one who took Enoch and Elijah to heaven without tasting death; He was the one who destroyed Goliath, Pharaoh, and Herod for the sake of peace to reign in His loved ones; He was the one who divided the red sea in time of old so that His children would cross over when their enemies were pursuing them; He was the one who became the pillar of fire by night and pillar of cloud by day to the Israelites.
He can defy scientific medical verdicts, reverse them; and give you a breakthrough. This God has given new fallopian tubes to women; He has given new healthy testes, He gives new wombs, new brains, new blood group, and new limbs, just name it. He can do it for you.
You do not need any occult spell to make your spouse love you.
Neither indeed do you have any right to harm your spouse. Your spouse’s life belongs to God; and it is sacred. .Neither do we need to live in mortal dread and fear of our spouses. Wounds, hurts, and disagreements should not be allowed to fester and to become too grievous. Unresolved conflicts and disagreements lead to terrible rifts that cause couples to drift apart. Certainly, resort to occult is nonetheless a wrong solution. Neither is resort to conspiracy for slander and isolation of your spouse a proper solution .Just take it to the Lord in prayer and continue to pray until God answers you. His name is the Prince of Peace. “ For with God nothing shall be impossible”( Luke 1:37).
Evangelist Chi Benedict
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