BreakingNews 7/9/14 - DINJA Emerges To Compliment Efforts of Well-meaning Nigerians At Raising Socio-political Consciousness

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - A new platform known as Diaspora Institute for Nigerian Justice and Accountability (DINJA) has emerged to compliment the efforts of well-meaning Nigerians at raising the country's socio-political consciousness. The spoke's man for the group Professor Bitrus Gwamna says that the group seeks to proffer solutions to Nigeria's socio political and economic problems through position papers and conferences, promising to disseminate the group's findings to all nooks and crannies in Nigeria.


He says members of DINJA are drawn from all walks of life in the Nigerian diaspora, and are committed to educating Nigerians on the sanctity of the rule of law as enshrined in the country's constitution. Gwamna further states that "The institute also seeks to promote good governance by sensitizing the citizenry to the need to hold all levels of the Nigerian government accountable for its actions." According to him, "the democratic experience witnessed in the country will fail to satisfy the people's yearning for fruitful political and economic dividends if Nigerians shy away from demanding justice and fair play from those they have elected to shepherd them to peace and prosperity."


Prof. Gwamna says the institute laments the incessant harassment, removal and replacement of public officials without regard to civil service protocol, and the lip service paid to corrupt practices in the country's socio political and economic life.


He stresses that DINJA's founders, will adhere to best research practices and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that its objective of ridding Nigeria of corruption, and replacing the vices with a culture of justice and accountability.


Diaspora Institute for Nigerian Justice and Accountability (DINJA)


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